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Why Should Business Leaders of UAE Look Into “Tech-Intensity” After 2020?

There’s a common misconception that when we talk about software engineers, we picture geeky enthusiasts sitting behind screens and working their fingers to the bone on a keyboard. However, things are now transforming, which is certainly not the case for every organization worldwide.

It is observed that tech professionals are widely accepted and hired in non-tech companies rather than tech firms. Technical specialists’ percentile growth is 11% faster in the non-tech industry than in tech-related industries. The following percentage was initially researched and addressed by Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadela, who revealed it during a tech event back in 2018. Since then, it has now become a trend and is expansively growing at an accelerated pace.

Just take a look at the automotive industry globally and study their hiring patterns. It is observed that automotive industries are now hiring more software engineers as much as they are hiring mechanical engineers and the reason behind it is simple. The world is advancing towards implementing more technological solutions and relying less on the workforce to operate them.

Software advancements are not limited to specific IT departments of various organizations. Instead, they are now hiring multiple software engineers to work with them in different departments such as finance, HR, production/operations, and SEO marketing. Wherever any business is observed lacking digital literacy, software developers are found to complete the equation.

Such advancements are allowing non-tech organizations to go beyond the line of performance.

As Microsoft terms it, we are entering into the new era where software developers in different departments are leveraging technology to enhance productivity and enhance operational efficiency.

The idea of using technology to make everything empowered digitally is what sets the very foundation of “tech-intensity.” Wondering what tech-intensity is & how it is defining the next decade? Let’s explore.

What is Tech Intensity?

The concept “tech intensity” was initially introduced at the Microsoft Ignite conference in the year 2018. Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, brought the concept that digital transformation and cloud technologies are an essential component for every organization. Whether they are tech-empowered businesses or non-tech work zones, digital transformation is an integral part of the organization’s progress. However, some organizations go beyond leveraging the cutting edge technologies to innovate & develop more robust solutions to gain competitive advantage. These are the organizations that are empowering themselves with what Microsoft terms as Tech-Intensity.

Forbes explained what Microsoft believes tech intensity feels like from the perspective of Nadella,

“Nadella described tech intensity as a fusion of cultural mindset and business processes that rewards the development and propagation of digital capabilities that create end-to-end digital feedback loops, tear down data silos, and unleash information flows to trigger insights and predictions, automated workflows and intelligent services.”

In the Future, Every Organization Will Become a Tech Firm

In the simplest of terms, tech intensity is the rate at which organizations are adopting technology to build their digital capabilities to work in coherence with the changing times.

For instance, up till now, many organizations have looked towards digital agencies and software firms to help establish their digital presence and implement technologically organization-wide. However, with a tech-intensity, they will now be able to implement these technologies themselves. They can exploit technology to enhance productivity and improve overall work efficiency accordingly.

If there’s one thing that is rapidly changing, then it’s the workforce, which mostly comprises Generation Zers and Millennials. This particular generation is quite tech-savvy. Hence, when they start working in a non-tech related firm, they will expect to work in a workplace environment that is appropriately equipped with the right technological tools.

The workforce in the present era comprises 59% of the individuals coming from these two generations. These individuals have different perspectives, and they work on technologically adept working models. More than 67% of the millennials expect employers to have a purpose. They want them to create a social impact, and Generation Zers are commonly capable of doing it with their social media influencing skills.

In short, if you are not part of the growing social media club in the coming decades, you will fall behind in the rat’s race. Another thing that will increase the tech-intensity for employees in a particular organization is how effectively they will implement software solutions to enhance their operational efficiency. With the introduction to Operation 4.0, organizations are now focusing on four key areas:

  1. Product Driven Processes
  2. Cost and Budget Driven Processes
  3. Journey Driven Methods
  4. Manufacturing Driven Factors

Combining all of these four areas into a single dashboard technology, software specialists can enable operation managers and employees involved with the internal operations to harness the most effective way to solve operation and production problems in coherence with the routine day queries.

Such implementations are observed in the Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) in the UAE market, where bankers are introducing robust solutions to boost digital transformation. They are leveraging dashboards to centralize their operations. While every organization worldwide aims to adopt new technological advancements and rapidly transform, organizations across the UAE are no exception. It’s just a matter of time until every company in UAE will have software engineers at work with them to help recreate technological infrastructures and deploy effective digital processes.

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The Use of Advanced Technology in Business Operations

With the advent of AI and Machine Learning, many businesses are now changing how they once operated. IT can make performances more pervasive, and according to MEA business leaders, almost 30%of these individuals leverage the power of AI in research, and nearly 20% expressed how AI has become a hallmark for increasing operational efficiency. The remaining 18% of MENA leaders show how AI developments are affecting sales & marketing and helping them progress.

Microsoft explains how tech intensity has become the center of how businesses can empower partners & customers. Instead of focusing on specific solutions, they aim to show how the entire organization can create their digital solutions as per their particular requirements. It will not only create a variety of opportunities but also help the business to improve dramatically. Are you a non-tech business aiming to expand? How about you consider boosting tech-intensity?

Please share your thoughts with us.

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