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7 Super-Easy User Interface Design Tips to Create a Functional Ecommerce App

If you are running an eCommerce business and want to take your business towards unprecedented heights of success, developing a mobile app is a worthwhile idea. The trend of mobile eCommerce is growing exponentially, allowing eCommerce businesses to make the most out of the growing mobile population. Today consumers use mobile devices to pay bills, buy and sell products and services and book reservations and make commercial transactions.

Source: Statistica

According to Statista, mobile commerce sales are expected to reach $3.56 trillion in 2021. A study conducted by Hootsuite suggests that currently, 5.22 billion consumers use mobile devices to fulfill their needs.

To win the trust of mobile users and entice them to shop from your brand, developing a killer eCommerce mobile app is critically important. An eCommerce app that functions well and has a compelling user interface design can encourage customers to use your app and make more purchases.

Your eCommerce app needs to create a first, positive impression, otherwise, you won’t be able to catch the interest of your potential buyers. If your app is not designed properly, people will not bother to use your app.

An intuitive user interface design is the key to a successful eCommerce app. Here are some useful eCommerce app designing tips that will make the eCommerce app development process smoother.

Let’s get started.

1. Make it Easy-to-Use

The ultimate goal of creating an eCommerce app is to allow shoppers to find the desired product they are looking for and make a purchase decision. The goal will only be fulfilled when you make it super easier for users to take the desired action. While designing an app for your eCommerce business, the team of app designers and developers put their best efforts into making the app user-friendly. Avoid adding too many functions to complete the goal.

Try to make it simple by minimizing users’ effort and giving easy and simple options to make the purchase process faster. You should focus on the basic features and functionalities. Since the screen size of mobile devices is limited, adding too many functionalities will make it difficult for app users to use the function to the fullest.

Furthermore, incorporating many complex features will only make your app difficult to use. Search bar, hamburger button, shopping cart, profile page, easy sign-up process are a few important features/functions, app designers should include in the eCommerce app.   

2. Use High Quality Images

When it comes to creating an eCommerce app, using images is indispensable to make a positive impression. Images are one of the most important components of your eCommerce mobile app design that can act as an effective selling tool. Adding high-quality images of your products in different dimensions enables shoppers to understand the features of the products.

Unfortunately, many designers don’t give much importance to images or use poor-quality images. It badly impacts the conversion rate and decreases your chances of closing more sales. Including images of products, you are trying to sell and giving the shoppers an option to zoom in, zoom out and see the product from different angles will definitely encourage customers to complete the purchase decision.

Add catchy and high-quality images to the user interface design of your eCommerce app and allow shoppers to make a well-informed decision about the product.

3. Add Product Information

Ecommerce apps are designed to provide customers with a memorable shopping experience and persuade them to make a purchase. Customers want detailed information about the product they want to purchase. Adding basic information about the products such as material, size, functionality, and other important information makes the buying process faster. App designers are advised to add as much information about the product as possible to help shoppers decide whether this product is the right fit for them.

4. Add Advanced Filters and Search Option

If you want to improve the functionality of your eCommerce app design and increase the conversion rate, it is advised to focus on the search options and product filters. You can add advanced search filters to the eCommerce app design to enable users to quickly find the right products, which will ultimately increase your chances of getting more sales.

You can improve the search functionality of your eCommerce app by using advanced search patterns such as dynamic search scoped search explicit search, and smart autosuggestions.

5. Product Arrangement Matters

When it comes to developing a user interface design for your eCommerce app, you need to carefully consider the product arrangement. You can offer a memorable user experience by classifying your products so that shoppers can find the right product within a few clicks.

Don’t forget to mention the main category and sub-category of the products. It will make it easier for app users to simply click to land on the desired product page and complete the purchase decision.

6. Easy Signup and Checkout Process

App developers and designers should simplify the process of login by making it short. Online shoppers are too busy, they don’t have time to fill long signup forms. It is annoying for eCommerce shoppers to sign up for an account and remember the password to complete the purchase decision. Instead of forcing customers to sign up and complete the order, you can provide them with a guest checkout option.

Moreover, you can also offer a social login option or log in with an existing email account. Providing easier options to signup and checkout will definitely provide a frictionless user experience that will make your eCommerce app a big hit.

7. Easy Payment Options

Make it easier for app users to buy from you by providing easy payment options. Today’s customers want an easy payment gateway and safe and secure checkout. Thanks to advanced payment options, now customers can pay with a single click using the touch id – no need to enter the credit card information, expiration date, and card number.

To Conclude

Running a successful eCommerce business will become easier if you design a user-friendly and high-performant mobile app for your online business. By following these easy and simple user interface design strategies, you can launch a robust and feature-packed eCommerce app for mobile users that performs well and offers an awesome user experience.

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