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January 17, 2017
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January 31, 2017

Storytelling is the latest rage when it comes to branding and marketing. Now more and more brands are realizing the real power of stories to transform their brand identity and online presence.

Brands like Coca-Cola, Disney and Nike have comprehended the power of their brand story to build a strong connection with their customers. Companies such as Apple, Airbnb and BeardBrand attract a much wider and engaged audience with their brand stories.  

But what’s in their brand story? How does their brand story develop credibility? And most importantly, how do these stories build trust and create a strong relationship with your customers?

How Stories Build Trust?

Do you know the reason behind the massive popularity of brand stories among brands, businesses and even individuals?

Stories are a powerful way to communicate your message in a human way. A study indicates that human brain responds quickly to the descriptive power of stories. Reading a story is just like feel an experience or to synchronize your mind with the subject of the story while allowing your mind to interact in a dynamic and interactive way.

This will produce greater understanding, anticipation and comprehension resulting in developing trust. By telling a story and connecting with your audience, a storyteller is actually trying to build trust in readers’ mind.

Though story generates trust, but not all stories has this power. Your brand should create a story that can interact with the readers and exhibit integrity building features.

So, being a business owner, how do you do this to your brand?

Brand Stories should be Personality-Driven

It is important to clearly understand that brand stories are not actually any branding material, ad or sales pitch. They must be told in a way with your brand persona and of course the writer’s personality. Remember, boring stories can’t attract and retain readers, but stories packed with personality will.

It means, your brand story should be inspired by people who participate, create and connect the saga of success. Though personality drives stories, the story is not something that tells the biography of a person. Instead, it is the evolution of a brand told with personality.

People often trust other people. And the main reason why your brand story must be personality-driven is to provide readers a human feel to trust.

Simple Stories are Trustworthy

Have you noticed Buffer’s story? Though the description of the company’s evolution is comprised of a few thousand words, it is conceptually to-the-point. It focused on:

        –  Problem

        –  Solution

         – Growth

Simple stories are better, in fact integral to success. Because human minds need simplicity.

Every story comprises of main components: introduction, middle and the end. And Buffer has followed this three-part standard:

   – Opening: Problem. Describe the problem that you are going to solve

   – Middle: Solution. Explain how you solved the issue.

    – End: Mission accomplished. Tell how you got so much success and suggest the ways to maintain it.

This is the standard model that usually reader expect. Simple stories build more trust, as complexity can simply grind down trust.

Your Story Must Give the Reason for Your Existence

What is the reason behind your brand existence? Why customers prefer your brand over another? Though the answer might be “to make profits”. But to answer this question, your brand needs to tell a story.

Let’s take an example of TOMS shoes here:

They use their brand story as the foundation of their existence. Their tagline, “One for one,” simply depicts that on every purchase TOMS gives a pair of shoes to someone who need it badly. TOMS exists to help others and improves lives.

Tell your customers a real story to build trust and give them a real reason why they should buy from you.

It should Engage with Your Customers

The core purpose of your band story is to connect with your customers. So, create your story in such a way that it tells your customers that your brand understands them and you are here to meet their needs.

Few creative things can increase the level of the engagement among your audience. And when your story connects with the ideal audience, your brand generates trust, and you win!

How to make Your Story Shareable?

I’ve explained what the brand story is, but how can you do this?

A good story must be written in a way that make people to share and like it. When your story is engaging, people will most like appreciate and share it. You can do these awesome things to make your brand story viral.

– Create your Personal Brand

Your stories must be brimmed with personality. You and your entire marketing team are the personality behind it. So, grow your reach through your personal brand.

– Stay Active on Social Media

Stories will viral through social media. It is the era of retweets, likes and shares. So, build your social media presence because brands live in public social consciousness.

– Share the Story everywhere

It is important to make your brand story an essential part of what your brand is. Tell readers who you are by using the power of storytelling. No matter if you are writing a guest post, sharing an infographic, or simply tweeting about your new product, give your story an essential presence.

Encourage Your Audience to Share Your Story

User Engagement


Customer testimonials are one of the most effective ways of distributing your story. When customers trust your brand, they will be more than happy to tell others about it. You can use these stories on your website and other marketing materials. They will strengthen your brand story.

Promote Your Brand with Storytelling

When your business hits the mainstream, your story will become rooted in public awareness. Share your storytelling everywhere to increase your brand awareness.

Wrapping it Up

Stories are indeed the most powerful way to build trust, increase brand awareness and make your business a success story. A story is a true depiction of your business existence. Real and engaging stories are keep on connecting with people. So, try to keep your story alive by simply impressing your readers and give them a reason to buy from you.

Your story will build the base of trust, but the best user experience will strengthen that trust into something that lasts long. Let’s use the power of storytelling and develop trust.

Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
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