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Planning to build your career? Here are 7 Recruitment Agencies in Dubai to drop your CV in

When it comes to the best recruitment agencies in Dubai, Google will spill out thousands of viable contenders. But how will you know if these agencies are worth dropping your CV in?

Dubai, being a business hub, makes it hard-hitting for people to compete in the job market as the world is evolving at an exponential rate. Finding a job in Dubai is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. There are tons of reputable agencies out there which have simplified the process of hiring.

What about the Laws of Employment in Dubai?

Before applying for a job in Dubai, you need to learn about the laws of employment. Mostly, the recruitment agencies overlook the labor laws and workers fail to comply with them, which aggravate things.

For instance, one law entails that no agency can charge a prospective candidate, which is illegal in UAE. The requirement agencies in Dubai can get their fair share from the employer, but in no way can they ask anything from the employees.

In a similar manner, the recruitment agencies in Dubai cannot ask for the Visas of employees.

Here are some of the topmost Recruitment agencies in Dubai which are worth dropping your CV in.

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1) Alliance Recruitment Agency

The Alliance Recruitment Agency has a wide range of flexible policies for people who are willing to seek some serious employment opportunities in UAE. Over the years, the company has acquired a wide range of domain knowledge along with the relevant experience in the required field.

This deep understanding allows the requirement agency to seek out people and gather reviews which have helped them establish a name in the recruitment industry.

2) Jivaro Partners

Jivaro Partners is the very first communication and marketing agency which can help people connect with the desired employees. The departments covered by Jivaro partners include digital marketing, PR, branding, and event management. The agency aims to hire creative people, and their team incorporates a delightful blend of Copywriters, Creative Directors, Graphic Designer, Client Services Director, Art Director and anyone who aspires for specific talent from a niche field.

It is the only marketing recruitment agency in UAE that helps companies uncover the perfect talent for them. You’ll be able to find qualified leads and skilled people if you solicit their help.

3) CareerJet Dubai

Another amazing recruitment agency in Dubai which helps companies discover multi-dimensional jobs, based on the skill-set of everyone. They don’t have any specifications to provide you a candidate from a specific niche. But the agency provides you a list of people, categorized by various positions, from a Senior AX Business Analyst to a receptionist for a digital agency.

4) Robert Murray and Associates

If you’re in Dubai, you might have seen or heard about Robert Murray. It is one of the finest recruitment agencies in Dubai which can aid you in seeking great talent in Dubai. It will bring all the best talent to your fingertips. With this agency, you’ll be able to search high-profile talents, such as your Director, Vice President, Plant General Manager and even a Sr Recruitment Consultant.

The head office of Robert Murray is based in Dubai, but it also has regional offices across Dubai. One big advantage is that if you drop your CV here, they will contact you and let you know about the vacancy available in your country.

5) BAC Middle East

For candidates who want one-stop-shop recruitment agency in Dubai where they can find jobs for various vocations across myriad industries, go for BAC Middle East. A recruitment agency which has the brains to seek individuals from every profession. Akin to Jivaro Partners, it has a list of professions which can help the candidates pick and select their niche.

6) Charterhouse

This agency is specifically designed for fresh graduates looking for jobs, running the gamut from high to low-level professions. It provides a vast range of categories from which the candidate can pick from. The categories include Accountancy & finance, Architecture and design, Banking, Digital Marketing, HR, IT, Supply Chain, and everything from the e-commerce store to website designers and developers.

7) Michael Page

This is not your average recruitment agency; in fact, they provide counseling services for job seekers who have talent but don’t know how to leverage their acumen. It provides amazing choices for companies to seek out talented individuals and hire them.

The agency has a list of professions from which the candidates can seek job opportunities and choose the right-fit company for themselves.

The professions include Engineering & Manufacturing, Healthcare, Information Technology, Legal, Real Estate & construction, and even Supply chain.

You might be wondering that when there are tons of recruitment agencies out there, why have we listed only these. It is because Branex has solicited the help of these recruitment agencies to seek out talent. and thanks to them, our Dubai office is making record-sales for the past few years.

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