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A Guide to Food Packaging Designs 2024-2025


The food and drink businesses greatly contribute to the global economy. In the competitive business world where many established brands are already dominating the industry, it seems a daunting task to make your products unique. There are multiple grocery stores, supermarkets, food, and beverage retail stores that are striving hard to gain a prominent place in the industry.  

Food packaging, if done right, can make your food business a big success. Using interesting and pleasing designs for packaging can be used to strengthen your marketing strategy. If your product packaging is not good, it will create a negative impact on your food business. With an effective packaging design, you can market your food and beverage business and attract more customers to try scrumptious food you sell.

Whether you are a home chef thinking of giving your small business a new face, a housewife who wants to launch the new on-the-go-snack, or a grocery store who wants its unique position in the market, creating a killer packaging design is important to create a unique brand.

If you are wondering how to come up with an effective food packaging design for your newly launched food product or supermarket, here are some useful packaging design tips for your food business.

Let’s get started.

Food Packaging Design Tips

Create a Brand Identity

Source: Chocolocuras

There is fierce competition in the market and the food retail industry is no exception. There are numerous options available for consumers, creating an attractive packaging design can draw consumers’ attention towards your products. A different and unique product packaging with beautiful food images, striking colors, fonts, and information present on it will have a positive impact on consumers’ minds.

A food packaging design can create a unique brand identity for your business that your target audience can use to recognize your brand. So, focus on creating a unique packaging design that easily conveys the message you are trying to convey to the target audience and share your values.

Image Source Good Hair Day Organic Pasta

You can convey your brand values to your customers and connect them on an emotional level. It entices consumers to invest in your food products, which will surely take your food business towards new heights of success.  

Choosing the Right Font

Choosing the right font is undoubtedly one of the most important design decisions your design team has to make when creating a packaging design for your food business. Obviously, you want it clear so that your audience can easily understand the product name and the message you are trying to convey.

A font that is contemporary and readable. Clarity and readability are the two most important factors you have to keep in mind when designing custom packaging design for your food business.

Color Palette

When it comes to creating a custom packaging design for your food business, colors matter. Every color has a clear meaning and evokes certain feelings. Your design team can use the combination of colors for your food packaging design to express the true meaning of your product.

Image Source: ALE+WANG Cremes

With the right colors, you can give your brand a true personality. Try to combine colors with striking visuals that perfectly align with your brand’s values. Limit the use of colors to two or three as using multiple colors and a lot of graphics will make it difficult for the audience to get the idea of the product. Using your brand colors is advised to make your packaging design identifiable and versatile at the same time.

Using simple fonts, versatile graphic designs and the right color choice are important for maintaining product integrity. This strategy will strengthen your brand and build trust with customers.

Illustrations and Graphic Design Styles

If you want to make your packaging design stand out from the rest, it is advised to use illustrations and unique graphics. It is a perfect idea to add style to your product and make your packaging design super exciting. For instance, you can use different characters, faces or anything interesting that creates excitement among your audience and entice them to try your product.

Carefully think whether implementing different illustrative graphics can clearly convey the message you want to convey. A graphic design team can better guide you on how to add joyful and energetic characters on your packaging design and  

Highlight the Product’s Benefits

In this fast-paced environment, consumers make quick and impulsive purchase decisions. If your packaging design is aesthetically pleasing and clearly communicates the reason why your product is the right fit for your customers, chances are they will definitely make a purchase. No matter, your design team chooses a classic design or contemporary approach, the goal is to make the packaging appealing and attractive for customers, while clearly explaining its advantages and nutritional value.

A neat and clear design that includes all the necessary information about the product will help customers to make well-informed purchase decisions. Whether the product includes a special ingredient or lacks something, mention it clearly on the packaging. It is important to satisfy today’s health and diet conscious consumers who read each and every single detail about the product before purchasing. By placing product description on the packaging, consumers can easily know the nutritional value of the product and make the right decision.

Shapes and Forms Matter

The shapes and forms of the packaging design also matter. By choosing different shape options, you can attract a wider audience and offer your products. Keep in mind that there are a lot of competitors available in the market offering tempting alternatives to your product. So, you should come up with something unique that attracts consumers and make the packaging design an appealing option for them. This strategy will make the food packaging design versatile and unique.

Use the Right Materials for Packaging

Okay, packaging material is something you need to be very finicky about. There is a range of material available for food products, choosing the right material is important for your food products to make sure its nutritional value and quality remains the same during the transportation process, reaching on the shelf of a grocery store or the online shopping box. The inner packaging should keep the product fresh and safe from getting damaged.  

Different packaging materials such as plastic, aluminum, glass, metal and cardboard are used for the packaging, depending on the type of your product. For instance, glass, metal, and wood are used to pack products like soda, wine, tea, jams, and jellies. Using the right type of material is important to restore the flavor and quality.  

Final Words

Believe it or not, food packaging design has a significant impact on the consumer decision making process. Creating a compelling design that attracts customers and convinces them to try your products is essential for your newly launched food business. Hiring a web design agency that offers custom packaging services is a sensible approach to get aesthetically pleasing food packaging design for your business.

The goal of food packaging design is to protect your products, attract more audience and promote your food and beverage business. No matter if you run a fast-food restaurant, prepare meal boxes from your home or run a mega supermarket, make sure your food packaging design is unique and wins your target audience’s heart.

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