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Top 4 Reasons That Makes Live Chat the Champion in the Customer Support Arena

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Live chat is a powerful feature that allows your customers and visitors to interact with your business from your website’s interface directly. Nowadays, live chat has become increasingly common and we see the option appear in just about every other website that we come across. It is an integration that allows users to directly communicate their queries with the people working at the back-end of a website.

Usually, there’s a live chat support agent who is sitting behind the scenes to assist you, but nowadays, with the advent of AI and Machine Learning, chatbots have also progressed and become intelligent.

In fact, some of them don’t even require a manual agent to sit behind the scene to assist individuals.

How Live Chat support provides benefit to your business compared to phone calls, emails, etc.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of having a Live Chat support feature on your website.

Helps in cutting down Expenditures

While having call support is the best way to interact with your customers, it is still a cost-intensive way. There are several costs involved, such as the toll charges and the person per hour charges on a phone call.

However, live chat support does not cost a fortune like phone support does. It is a much cheaper option compared to other communication practices adopted by brands. According to Forrester Research,

“Live chat support customer service approximately costs 17% – 30% cheaper compared to phone calls.”

One of the reasons is because live chat support agents can easily handle 3 – 4 customers at an instance. Unlike a phone call where the CSR can only focus on a single customer, live chat supports in nature. With appropriate training, live chat can help organizations save a good amount and increase support instances to accommodate more customers.

Brings More Sales to Your Business

Studies indicate that Live Chat helps increase sales and enable organizations to reap countless benefits. And believe it or not, but since Live Chat support agents can handle 3 – 4 customers at an instance, there is a high chance that they attract more sales to the business compared to any other medium of sales pitching.

In fact, Xylem Analytics shows that once they integrated a chat support feature from Comm100, they experienced a surge in ROI that went up to 6000%. Also, people who interact through live chat support are more likely to get instant access with a support staff member rather than connecting up with a customer sales representative. With a knowledgeable person assisting you at the back-end, the chances of scoring a paying client or customer become more imminent compared to the one handled by CSRs.

Helps Businesses Identify & Understand Customer’s Pain Points

One other great benefit of integrating a Live Chat support feature to your online website is that it brings the customer’s pain point forward. Painpoints are basically problems that your customers encounter that they can’t solve on their own. What they require is an expert to look into their matter and provide them with a credible solution that can help them resolve their problem easily.

While traditional support systems are a great way to establish communication between the customer & the team, on several occasions, customers are unable to express the problem and reach a conclusion.

With an active Live Chat support feature, the support engineer has a list of questions prepared, which he or she may choose to ask in order to get an appropriate response from the customer’s end.

In a way, a Live Chat engineer becomes more adept at understanding the pain point & provide the solution.

Instant Support to Delight Your Customers

Many times, people are unable to get in touch with a salesperson or technical staff because of the operational hour differences. If an online business is operating on a global level, there’s a high chance your support staff may not be able to assist a client or customer at 3 AM. What is 3 AM for you, might be 5 PM for your customer because of time differences. As a result, the customer keeps trying to reach out and your agents are not available to receive their phone calls. It not only sends a massive negative impression of your business image, but it also makes you lose some potential clients who will make sure to leave negative reviews in places.

Now you certainly don’t want that to happen with you, do you?

Live chat support is a great way to keep your customer’s anxiety at bay. When a company launches a Live chat support feature, they hire service specialists who work during shifts of the day to assist customers at the hour of their need. Whether it’s day time or night time, a chat support agent is always available to assist you with your problem. With the more modern AI-specific chatbots, some don’t even require a manual agent to navigate the customer in the right direction. If there’s a simple issue with which a customer is stuck with, a Live chatbot can help them reach their desired conclusion by making smart choices. Explain the problem to the bot by selecting choices, and the bot will navigate you to a solution.

In a Nutshell

Customers love the convenience that live chat support offers them.

A report published by e-consultancy indicates that more than 51% of people are multitaskers. Because of their nature, they prefer to stay connected and resolve their queries through live chat then to get on a call with an agent. People like doing business with brands with which they have quick access to. And a Live Chat support feature provides this accessibility to its respective users.

As a professional web design agency in Dubai, we create remarkable website experiences for our visitors, where we make sure to add the live chat support feature to their website as an integral part of the design.

Are you in search of a website agency that can help you create such an experience?

Get in touch with our service as we can create just the one for you.

Ashad Ubaid
Ashad Ubaid
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