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How to Use Social Media Icons to Achieve Your Marketing Goals

In this digital age, social media has now become a powerful tool to market your products and services. Millions of brands are using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat to connect with their target audience and increase their brand reach. Many brands are using Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks to solve their customers’ queries, engaging with their followers, and strengthening their brand image.

If you want to increase brand awareness and build loyal and long-term relationships with your target audience, let them know that your brand exists on social media networks and incorporate social media icons on your business website.

In essence, social media icons are the registered trademarks of social media networks that are used to link your social profiles to your website. They are one of the most important parts of your overall digital marketing strategy. Incorporating social media icons in your website and marketing materials is a worthwhile strategy to grow your following and connect to a wider audience on different social media channels.

Why Embed Social Media Icons in Your Website?

Today consumers are savvy enough; they expect brands to have icon links on their business website. They use a brand’s social accounts to find information about their company, products, services, upcoming offers, and special discounts. Companies are using social media networks to increase their brand reach, solve their customers’ problems, gather feedback, and connect to a wider audience. Using them right will help you strengthen your digital marketing efforts.

Here are some easy tips to place social media icons across different channels and take maximum advantage of them.

Places Where You Should Use Social Media Icons


Placing your social media icons on your website is a smart strategy that marketers can use to strengthen their marketing efforts. These icons can be placed on the header, footer and right sidebar of the website. The key is to place them somewhere where they are conspicuous and catch the attention of your website visitors. When visitors land on your website and see the icons of their favorite platforms, chances are they will follow your brand on social media networks.

If truth be told, your website is a key place that should be used to convince your potential customers to follow your brand on social media and become your loyal fans. If you are not using social media icons on your website, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your following base.

Emails and Newsletters

A well-placed social media button can increase your brand reach and makes it easier for your content to be shared by a massive audience. It is a worthwhile strategy to use your social media icons that connect your business’ Linkedin page, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest account in every email or newsletter you send. These buttons give your subscribers an opportunity to connect with your brand on social media and get the latest updates, upcoming events, discounts and special offerings of your products or services.

social media icons

Whether you use social media buttons on the header, sidebar or the bottom of your email or newsletter, make sure that the icons are visible to the subscribers when they open your email.

Marketing Collaterals

Social media icons can be used on your marketing collaterals such as brochures, business cards, and print ads to strengthen your corporate branding efforts. Since you can’t hyperlink on paper, make sure to use the domain name and link to your company’s page, such as

What to Consider Before Adding Social Media Icons to Your Marketing Materials?

Before you start using these amazing buttons, here are some important points that you should keep in mind:

  • Use Approved Logos

All social media icons are a trademark, so make sure to download from the official social network websites. Don’t try to rotate, recolor or edit, as it is not permitted.

  • Use the Correct Size

Maintain the size and resolution of all social media icons and don’t try to stretch the icons larger than your company logo.

  • Maintain a Clear Space

Make sure that all icons are evenly spaced out, interspersed with ample white spaces to enhance visibility.

  • Don’t Gluttonize on Icons

It is pertinent to use the icons of no more than four or five networks that are the most important to your brand. Adding too many icons will simply make your website footer, business card, brochure or any other marketing material look cluttered while creating design fatigue.

  • Use Updated Logos

Since social media networks undergo logo overhauls from time to time, make sure to use their updated icons. Using outdated logos only shows that your business is not relevant.

  • Locate Strategically

Make sure that the social media icons are located at the most prominent position and are visible on your marketing materials. Double check their place on your website, blog, brochure, business card or print ad to ensure the best color contrast.

Signal Your Company’s Presence on Social Media

Give your prospects an opportunity to connect with your brand and share your content by adding social media buttons on your website, emails, and newsletters. Using these effective tips and tricks will help you show off your social media presence and widen your brand reach.

Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
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