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Some Amazing E-commerce Push Notification Ideas to Implement Right Away

e-commerce push notifications

The eCommerce industry is growing at a faster pace, making it critical for eCommerce marketers to integrate advanced features in mobile apps to keep users engaged. To grow and maintain your target audience on multiple channels, the most effective marketing tactic that marketers are using these days is push notifications.

Push notifications, if used right, can encourage users to use your eCommerce app. They are an important feature of an eCommerce app that can be used to boost user engagement by informing them about the latest offers, discounts, promotions and exclusive deals.

According to recent statistics, 71% of users uninstall apps because of irritating notifications. If you craft the right message and send it at the right time to the right audience, you will see incredible results. A survey suggests that push notifications deliver a 50% higher open rate compared to emails and are used as an effective communication channel to inform users about the latest offers.

If you are thinking of increasing your ecommerce sales, it is the right time to design push notifications right to deliver an awesome UX. Let’s discover how different types of ecommerce push notifications can help you drive more conversions and close more sales.

Geo-Location Notification

Okay, it is one of the most effective and result-driven push notification ideas for your eCommerce app that allows you to send a message to the users of a specific area. This strategy works best when you attract users to visit your store. When users are near your store, the geo-location push notifications inform users about your store’s special deals.

These messages contain coupon codes and loyalty points to catch users’ attention. Geo-location push notifications are a powerful tool for online retailers to attract users when they pass by their stores.

Cart Abandonment Push Notifications

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Many users visit your website, browse through your products, add products in the cart and leave without completing a purchase process. For many eCommerce marketers, decreasing the shopping cart abandonment rate is a challenge. Thanks to cart abandonment push notifications, it is a sensible strategy to remind users what they loved on your website and awaken their desire to complete the purchase process.

Discount Notifications

Source: W4U

Offering discounts is undoubtedly an amazing way to attract customers to your products. Inform your existing and potential customers about your exciting discounts, special deals, and giveaways by sending push notifications. You can delight your customers by using the powerful words such as exclusive, just for you, special to entice them to take the desired action. It is also an effective way to increase user engagement and boost eCommerce conversion

Free Shipping Notifications

According to statistics, more than 90% of shoppers prefer to shop online if they find an option of free shipping. 73% of consumers think that free delivery motivates them to do online shopping to complete the purchase decision. You can make the most out of this option and surprise your customers by giving a free delivery option.

Many customers don’t complete the purchase process because of hidden shipping costs. You can offer occasional free shipping to attract more and more customers and increase the user experience. When customers get free shipping, they will definitely consider your eCommerce brand and make more purchases.

Sending free shipping push notifications is a great strategy to inform customers about this amazing offer and lure them to consider your products.

Time-Bound Notifications

Inform your customers about your limited time offers and send them notifications to take advantage of your exclusive deals. Sending time-based push notifications is a sensible approach to keep users back to your eCommerce store at the right time so they don’t miss out on the sale.

Create personalized push notifications to notify your regular customers about your special offers that are exclusively made for them. For instance, you can offer an exclusive discount on their birthday or any other occasion to make them feel special. Sending time-sensitive notifications can create a sense of urgency and persuade customers to purchase the products right away.

Flash Deal Notifications

Ecommerce businesses launch flash deals more often to instill urgency and fear of missing out (FOMO) among their customers. It is a great eCommerce marketing tactic to attract customers and motivate them to make an instant purchase. Sending flash deal notifications is a sensible marketing approach to drive website traffic and improve user engagement. An unexpected sale stills a sense of hurry among customers and grabs their attention.

Seasonal Offer Notifications

Ecommerce marketers launch special seasonal campaigns to increase conversions and sales. You can motivate your customers to make more purchases with your seasonal sale offers. Maximize user engagement by attracting customers to your seasonal offers. A push notification that offers a special discount on seasonal products will surely drive more traffic to your eCommerce website.  

Price Drop Alerts

According to Statista, price is the most important factor that drives customers to shop with a particular eCommerce store. Sending price alert notifications is a smart way to engage your customers and motivate them to convert and make more purchases. If you are offering an occasional price drop, inform your customers by sending a push notification. It will definitely motivate them to visit your eCommerce website and take action.

To Sum All Things Up

All in all, push notifications can be an amazing tool that can boost user engagement, strengthen brand image and attract more customers to complete the purchase decision. Push notifications can also help you decrease the shopping cart abandonment rate, drive more revenue and build meaningful relationships with your customers. Understanding your customers’ needs and sending them timely notifications allows you to deliver a positive user experience. It will eventually help you increase eCommerce conversions and increase your sales up to 2x.

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