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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Startup Landing Page in 2022

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Congratulations on starting a new business. For every business owner, it is a bit challenging to create brand authority, awareness and create a first, positive impression. One thing that can help every startup to rise and shine is the landing page.

Believe it or not, landing pages are the proven way to promote your startup, reach a wider audience and get visitors to take the desired action. Whether you want to attract more customers to buy your products, create an engaged base of followers, or want more sign ups, or get more ebook downloads, an effective landing page can do wonders.

A landing page, if designed right can take budding business to new heights of success and urge potential customers down the purchase funnel. It is created by keeping customers’ interests in mind so that you can get maximum qualified prospects that are ready to become your customers.

If you are wondering how to create a landing that gets more conversions and leads, here is an in-depth guide of creating an amazing landing page for your startup.

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Set Clear Goals

When it comes to creating a startup landing page, the very first thing you should identify is why you need a landing page. Set clear goals and then try to create content and add design elements to get more conversions. According to HubSpot, the average landing page conversion rate of all industries is 9.7%.

You can find it easier to create an effective landing page that gets more conversions when you know why you need it. As a startup, you need to build trust and become a reliable source from where people can find solutions to their problems.

Since you have just launched your company, your prospects want to know who you are and what your brand does. Why should they use your products or services? A landing page acts as a powerful tool to motivate customers to register, buy products, download an ebook and so on.

Important Element You Should Include in a Landing Page

Once you figure out the purpose of creating a landing page for your startup business, now is the time to create a list of elements it should possess. A winning landing page for a startup should contain the following design elements:

–          Highlight Benefits of Your Products/Services

When you create a landing page, make sure it contains a list of benefits your products or services provide. Highlight all the possible benefits that convince visitors to give your products a try. Adding a value proposition is a sensible approach that showcases your primary value.

Source: Superforce

In short, the goal of adding a list of benefits to your landing page is to attract visitors to become your paying customers.

–          Use Interactive Buttons and Forms

The ultimate goal of a startup landing page is to drive people to buy your products or sign up for your services. Using intuitive buttons and capture forms can increase your chances of getting more clicks. Make sure to avoid filling your landing page with too many buttons or landing page forms. It will have a negative impact on your landing page performance.

Encourage visitors to fill out the form by highlighting the benefits of signing up. Focusing on the benefits your product or service provides will entice more people to complete the landing page form, which will eventually increase the conversion rate.

–          High-Quality Images

Okay, the next important thing for your startup landing page is images. No one can underestimate the power of visuals as they encourage visitors to stick around and explore more. Using high quality images is a cost-effective strategy that can give you the desired results. Use a hero image that tells your brand story or simply entice visitors to click for more details.

–          Call to Action

Another important thing that can make or break your landing page success is CTAs. The call to action is the most important part of your landing page that directs people to where to go or what you want them to do with it. For instance, the goal of your landing page is offering an ebook to attract more and new clients. It is advised to use a CTA copy like “Get Your Copy Now” or Get Your Free Resource” etc.

Remember, creating a positive tone for the CTA is critically important as it directs customers to convert. Using a personalized CTA copy can perform 202% better than general CTA copies. 

–          Social Proof

Why should I buy products or services from your brand? It is the first thing that comes to the buyers’ minds when they land on your website. Convincing your customers to purchase your products and trust your brand is no easy feat. You can build trust and prove that you are offering high quality products and people are satisfied with your services.

Showcasing customer testimonials, reviews, ratings, credibility icons, and user-generated content in your website is a great idea to make your startup landing page successful. According to statistics, 62% more revenue is generated by displaying customer testimonials on your website. Another survey suggests that websites with testimonials receive 45% more traffic compared to websites without testimonials.

Adding images and videos of people using your products or services can increase your brand credibility and convince potential customers to try your products. More than 88% of consumers say that reading customer reviews will have a positive impact on their purchase decision.

Since you are a startup company, you can request clients to write a few lines about your company or collect reviews of your happy customers. You can share tweets, Instagram/Facebook posts, and even WhatsApp messages as a social proof and create a strong base of loyal customers. 

Are You Ready to Optimize Your Landing Page?

By optimizing your landing page, you can prepare your new business to achieve unprecedented heights of success and drive relevant traffic to your website. By using the right design elements, tools and strategies, your web design team can come up with a stellar design for your startup landing page and incorporate advanced functionality to deliver an unmatched browsing experience. 

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