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AI in Social Media – Is Your Brand Making the Most of it?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most dominant technologies impacting our personal and professional lives. Voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and other advanced analytics tools, based on machine learning, have now become increasingly accessible and help get our daily tasks done more efficiently.

More and more brands are using artificial intelligence to build strong, personalized and better customer experiences.Artificial intelligence has also clawed its way deeper into social media marketing, helping many brands provide more personalized and predictive customer experiences.

AI, coined for Big Intelligence, is a simple and effective way to collect, sort through and analyze the massive amounts of customer data and user-generated content to make smarter, well-informed and targeted decisions for your brand, by providing an out-of-the-box and satisfactory customer experience.

When it comes to social media marketing, AI can help brands from making highly-personalized product suggestions based on previous engagement, to image and voice recognition and deep sentiment analysis. Today, almost every established brand has started investing their resources, time and energy towards this burgeoning filed. And if your brand is not leveraging AI-powered solutions, you are missing out on huge opportunities.

To help you find out how AI can transform your social media marketing efforts and help online marketers discover, engage and target their audience optimally, here are some easy ways on how marketers can take advantage of incorporating artificial intelligence in social media.

Improve Customer Service

Today, nearly every brand is trying hard to create frictionless, personalized and better customer experiences, which is why integrating AI into your marketing efforts is a sensible choice. A study suggests that more than 42% of customers aspire for instant gratification and expect an answer from brands as soon as they pop a question. For brands, it’s nearly impossible to be available round the clock to provide a stellar customer service and solve the queries of their customers. This is where chatbots come in to play and help brands improve the customer experience immensely.

Whole Foods’ Facebook Messenger Chatbot helps users find recipes according to their gastronomic penchants and dietary restrictions. It offers more relevant food options and helps users find the ingredients that the brand sells.

AI in Social Media

The chatbot lets users incorporate emojis into their pursuit to discover healthy and scrumptious new recipes. It makes recipe discovery easier and helps customers find new ways of experiencing the foods they love most while enhancing the in-store shopping experience.

Have a look at the world’s famous makeup retailer Sephora’s chat-bot Kik.

The chatbot gives users makeup tips, reviews and gives them an option to book in-store makeover appointments. The bot lets users take a short quiz to get to know them better, prompting responses for their favorite products, age, and the one type of makeup product they can’t do without.It helps the chatbot dish out relevant content, such as product reviews, makeup tutorials, and much more. The best thing about Kik is that it personalizes its responses based on users’ preferences.

Incorporating AI into your customer support can help generate more qualified leads and increase conversion rates through social media marketing.

Create Engaging Content to Boost User Interaction

Believe it or not, artificial intelligence is a key element in boosting customer engagement. This is why nearly all top performing companies are investing in AI technology to create more personalized content to boost engagement.

Being a social media marketer, you are always looking for innovative ways to come up with interesting stories, posts, and ads to get maximum user engagement. Thanks to AI, as it allows marketers to free up their time and channel their efforts and energy on creative and cognitive tasks. AI integration can easily handle all the diminutive, repetitive tasks, such as customer support related queries and recommendations while providing social media marketers with a tremendous opportunity to focus on the creative aspects of their campaigns.

AI technologies allow brands to offer exceptional customer service, more relevant messaging and better product offers. With an uncanny ability to analyze a huge amount of customer data, AI makes it easier for brands to come up with more relevant and interesting social media content to better engage with their customers, which is bound to increase the bottom line.

AI tools, when used effectively, allow marketers to create highly personalized campaigns to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.Brands such as Forbes and The Associated Press are using AI tools Wordsmith and Quill respectively to create clickable news content. Salesforce is also harnessing the power of AI tools to figure out which type of content is most likely to be useful to create great campaigns, boost engagement and increase conversions.

Facial Recognition

A lot of brands are going high on facial recognition technologies, but when it comes to Facebook, the brand is making the most of facial recognition technology with AI. Facebook’s algorithm is continuously improving through machine learning by leveraging a vast database of images. When a user tags a photo, it is automatically added to an enormous database which helps improve its facial recognition algorithm. Facebook claims that it can accurately recognize an individual 98% of the time.

This feature can be used by companies to increase the brand reach and success of their social media campaigns. Clothing stores, restaurant businesses, hotels, and other brands can give special discount deals to followers who post their photos on each visit to their store. Since the image publishing field is getting more famous by the day, this feature can help brands strengthen their social media marketing efforts, reach a wider audience, and stand out with their social media posts.

Many brands have already started using the facial recognition software to identify their customers’ in-store visits and later link these photos or videos to their profiles.

Olay’s AI-powered app asks users a series of questions about their skin related problems. Taking a selfie allows their facial imaging system to identify the actual skin type and the problem that the user is facing. This personalized skin analysis enables the tool to provide an educational user experience and recommend accurate Olay products that can solve those skin related blues.

Wrapping Things Up

Artificial intelligence is transforming social media marketing while making it easier for marketers to provide an outstanding customer service and build more personalized relationships with customers.It’s the right time to update your social media marketing strategy and combine AI into your marketing efforts to create more personalized content, discover buyer preferences, and deliver a unique customer experience to ultimately boost your ROI.

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