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Content is king. Yes, the right and engaging content can help you create a positive brand image and establish your brand as a credible source of information. With a solid content strategy, you can create value for your audience and help your customers solve their pain points.

Content creation is an important process that needs all your attention and focus. An experienced content creator can help you bring interesting ideas to life. Whether you want stunning stories, long-form content, ebooks, bite-sized promos, blog posts, animations, or videos, hiring a content creator can help fulfill all your writing needs.  

So, if you want to hire a content creator for your company, here are some really effective ways to make the selection process easier and simpler.

Let’s check them out.

Important Steps to Follow When Hiring a Content Creator

1.       Determine What Type of Content You Need

2.       Know the Sources to Find Find the Best Talent

3.       Identify Tools They are Familiar with

4.       Find out Your Budget

5.       Set Clear Expectations

6.       Give Them Positive Feedback

1.       Determine What Type of Content You Need

Whether you are an ecommerce business, a retail business or service-based agency, hiring a content creator is critically important for your business’s growth. Professional content creators will develop content that engages your target audience and drive more conversions. For instance, if you want to hire a content creator for your app development company, it is important to determine the type of content you want for your agency.  

Many expert content creators have experience writing a variety of content, it’s advised to focus on the specific content you want to promote. For example, if you want video content for your landing page or sales page to attract more leads, it is going to require a different skill than writing an ebook.

Some business owners want catchy social media content for their marketing campaigns, while some require informative blog posts to become an industry expert. So, outline what type of content you want and the scope of work. It will help you choose the best person for the job.

In this digital world, businesses need to create different types of content, such as video content, written content, graphic design content, and photo content. There are tons of content creators who specialize in different types of content, including, social media content, ebooks, email copy, product descriptions, photo content, blog post banners, book covers, infographics, website graphics, to name a few.

If you are a startup and starting from scratch, consider hiring a digital marketing agency to create a strong marketing plan for your business. They have a team of inhouse writers that can create valuable things you need to promote your business.

2.       Know the Sources to Find the Best Talent

Okay, now you have a clear idea of what type of content your business needs, now start looking for places where you can find professional content creators. Fortunately, there are a number of online places where you can easily find the right person for completing your content marketing tasks. Finding the right content creator to work with can smooth the process of content creation.

From LinkedIn to Fiverr, Upwork, CopyBlogger, and CopyHackers there are a number of online sources where you can easily find the person for your content writing tasks. Moreover, there are some job posting sites, such as Indeed, Lensa, Jooble and Alongside that allow you to find content creators, no matter the type of content you are looking for.

Here is a list of some great sources where you can find the best talent for your brand:

·         Writing Studio

·         Upwork

·         LinkedIn

·         Indeed

·         Contently

·         ClearVoice

·         Brafton

·         Skyword

·         ContnetWriters

·         Fiverr

3.       Identify Tools They are Familiar with

Content creators are required to create a lot of creative content to fulfill the brand’s needs. Many professional content creators use some tech tools to create engaging, catchy content for the audience. With the help of these tools, content creators can create high-quality work that must be very beneficial for your agency. When you are looking for a content creator for your web design agency, make sure to know what professional tools they use for creating graphic design content.

Whether you want to create video content, podcasts, social media posts, animations, or blog posts, there are a number of tools that can make digital content creation easier. Experienced content creation teams use different tools for content creation and editing to meet the quality standard. Here is a list of some great content creator tools that will help every content creator to create a perfect piece of content.

·         HitFilm

·         BuzzSumo

·         Buffer

·         Canva

·         InShot

·         Burst

·         Grammarly

·         Otter

·         Anchor

·         Lumen5

·         GIPHY

·         Riddle

·         Typeform

4.       Find out Your Budget

Figuring out what they should expect to spend on content marketing tasks and what kind of output they will get in return seems a daunting task for many business owners. They are not sure how much money they should spend on the content creation process and what their budget should be. However, the bigger your budget the better. By investing more money, you can easily hire highly experienced content creators or get professional content writing services to achieve your content marketing ROI.

Source: ClearVoice

Business owners need to know how much content creators cost. Well, there are many factors like experience, skill level, tools they use, the type of content and timeline you need to create. Well, there is no fixed pricing structure for freelance content creation, as it depends on so many factors. But it will be better if business owners pay excellent rates for quality work. So, check the hourly rate of freelance content creators and how much they charge for extra work. It will help you create a budget for your content writing projects.

Hiring a digital marketing agency that offers content writing services is a sensible approach to get quality content for your brand. They have a specialized content production team that are experienced in creating video content, graphic design content, and written content for brands. Working with an experienced content production team allows you to create campaigns that perfectly align with your marketing goals and KPIs.

5.       Set Clear Expectations

Find content creators who can manage your content writing and marketing plans, meet your content needs and finish projects on time. If you want to save your and your content creator time, it is advised to clearly tell them what type of content you are looking for. For example, if you want a 3000 word blog post with recent statistics and relevant examples, communicate clearly.

Similarly, if you want a copy for a sales page, provide a creative brief to help the creator understand what type of content you actually need for your audience. In short, setting clear expectations and communicating the exact deliverables will keep everyone on the same page.

6.       Give Them Positive Feedback

Content creators produce amazing work, but if the draft doesn’t meet your standards, explain what type of content you want for your brand. You need to clearly tell them what changes you want in copy. Highlight specific areas that need changes and guide creators to avoid repetitive revisions. If you like their work, give them credit and allow them the freedom to work. It will encourage creators to produce more quality work.

Are You Ready to Hire a Content Creator for Your Agency?

Finding the right content creator is the key to creating engaging and valuable content for your audience. Content creators create content to increase your website traffic, increase brand awareness, drive more conversions and boost sales. With the right team of content creators, you can focus on producing top-tier content for your brand and achieve the new level of success and recognition.

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