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future of web design

So you already know that the more attractive a website or logo is, the more impact it will have on visitors. If all things excluded, an appealing design only can surely get you visitors but can it be the only reason of user retention and engagement?

The answer is a big NO!

It may get you all the attention and glam but it cannot certainly do the latter. This means that there has to be a lot of effort required to build a website for greater impact. From planning to research, trends also need to be taken into account.

It is because trends are a result of customer engagement only. Today’s customer is quite demanding and so studying them is crucial to the success of organizations. Gone are the days when product/service was sold based on the features only. Now those features are to be customized and promoted in a way that they satisfy a particular need and only then will the customer buy it: Customers’ needs before yours. Many industry leaders’ tried and tested elements in accordance with how the visitors are interacting with the current design or new design, via A/B Testing, put forth trends that are worth all your time and effort.

Talking of trends, some design paradigms stay with you forever, such is their promising nature. Others, however, have a shorter lifespan. Both are equally important as the former ones are to stay for longer and the latter ones will fade away so adopting them later when they are outdated, or about to become so, will surely affect your success rate.

If you are to find out what lies ahead of the web design industry, this is where you find all the information on existing trends with a long-lasting impression as well as upcoming trends.

Flat design isn’t dead

Flat design came to us back in 2013 and spread like wildfire in the early 2014. While many argue that it is dead and doesn’t work anymore, it still is operating and at a covert mission to save the world of web design. Blended with certain advancements, you can still see professional web designers and developers using flat-ish design as base for something more interesting.


For instance, take a look at this combination of flat design and minimalism pulled off by Pelican Books and how they go hand-in-hand to develop usability and simplicity in a website. It seems like an easy implementation but the tricky part is where you need to get hold of the fewer elements only to create the perfectly pristine look. Use the readily available elements with utmost care and you’re good to go! Also, combine flat designs with simple typography, dynamic colors and more to experiment some crazy combos that can really make your website stand out.

Rich content storytelling is awesome

The web is amazing! It allows us to create some vivid visual experiences that can entice the emotions when combined with long form articles and content. Big media players were the first to discover this terrific potential and implemented it so adequately.


New York Times was the first one to initiate, back in 2012, with their Snowfall story. It was so extravagant that it stirred in excitement and got attention from all over the web.


But it seems like it wasn’t just the media players who realized this potential. Polygon gave a comprehensive analysis of PS4 in a wonderful way with the help of this spectacular visual experience. The page continues to load as you scroll down and you are welcomed with a no-delay pleasant experience. Add in something like this and surprise your users!

Bold and beautiful mages leading the way

High quality images took the world of web design and logo design by a storm last year. Faster broadband speeds, readily available unique stock images, high quality images were able to leverage the proliferation that was a real head-turner.


Check out Uber’s website and how powerfully impactful high quality images are. Real people with real experiences. Seeing that helps us to see the product/service in a better picture, how it will look/feel when being utilized. Since it is proven that humans like more humanized pictures, representing the products and services, that are big, bold and beautiful, this trend is not going anywhere for quite some time.

Background videos are the new fad

Thanks to the ever increasing broadband speeds, video footage is taking control gradually to leverage the situation. A lot many websites are already replacing static backgrounds with subtle and ethereal videos that are not hurting the readability of the content in any way.


The ambient and self-explanatory video for Three Sixty° Property Group is quite subtle and aids in visualizing the soul of the company in a glance. More and more websites will seemingly transform their static images to videos that explains the essence of their business in a manner so interactive that will prevail. It has only started to spread so better convert your backgrounds into a dynamic video and become one of the trendsetters.

Kudos to hand-drawn illustrations

We are already seeing small illustrations that have paced up in the past few years but a full-time hand-drawn imagery is yet to be seen. With the use of strong fonts, some exciting colors and larger than life images that takes up the entire page, web designers can really make a difference. Hand-drawn illustrations have recently begun to seek attention of many web designers.


It is a rare possibility to see a site that is based on a complete flash experience. But sometimes it’s simply fun to play around the UI to break free from the chains that bounds the overall web design. This website from Salt Films is really something! Following nothing but the heart, the designer really has put in entirely hand-driven aesthetics that are worth learning from. Perhaps there could be no better way to showcase a film.

And it’s a wrap!

Remember, All that glitters is not gold: Don’t always trust popular trends for web design. However, those with a promising future, strong notion and an impactful nature should be the ones that should really become the center of attention. Make notes on these artistic, vibrant and energetic web design trends that are shaping the future of web design.

Mariya Sabeen Irshad
Mariya Sabeen Irshad
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