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Top of the List Ecommerce Web Design Trends in UAE

Ecommerce is always evolving. In fact, it has come a long way from where it stood and it has changed so much (for the good) that they are the best kind of technological convenience we all can leverage in one way or the other. It has now reached a macro level given its ability to sell just about everything. From selling a product, to delivering on doorstep and all the way to post-purchase services, ecommerce is most certainly being one of the best technological advancements.

When it comes to customers’ perspective, an ecommerce website has a lot to do with satisfying them and serving them rightly. World-class web design studios design and develop the websites in ways that they have all that makes for a complete online shopping solution.

This means that in order to cater them better, good experiences are created. Creating better UX gets the websites higher rankings that helps to mark a better position for search engines results.

All this talk of catering to them better and what ecommerce customers expect from you, how can we forget the trends in ecommerce industry? Created based on the consumer dynamics, research on how people respond to a certain action and what can mark better experiences, trends help online store owners to be a real keeper for their customers. If you want your ecommerce services to turn their shine on, take a look at these top-notch ecommerce trends to enlighten yourself with the latest.

Dynamic search is a life-saver

So this one is like a must-have for ecommerce stores that are selling a lot many different items that the categories alone can stock up the navigation. To make them easily accessible, dynamic search is an essential element to have for your online store.

Dynamic search comprises of an autocomplete feature aiding the user in helping them find what they are looking for as relevant products are displayed in a drop down. As you type the first few initial letters, relevant keywords are showed and you can find out what you need from there only – life made easy!


There are so many websites today that you will come across with dynamic search today. Some even have pre-entered text that helps in guiding the customers to enter their desired keywords. This trend tops the list because of the easy access that it provides to the customers. Souq, a reputable online store in UAE, sets the right example of dynamic search.

Mobile-friendly is the way to go

Not having a mobile-friendly website in the current era can really be disadvantageous for your business for two reasons. Firstly, Google mobile friendliness is the new ranking signal for websites. If you want to rank high on Google search engine, you really need to abide by and create a mobile friendly website.

Secondly, with the advent of smartphones, customers find browsing just about every website via mobile only. With ecommerce, this is even more intense. What could be easier than having to order a product online with the touch of a button and that too from your phone? Sounds handy and super convenient, huh? That is exactly why you need a mobile-friendly website else you will be losing a market share for everybody else is on it, as we speak.

So go about introducing a design that adapts the mobile screen and looks equally good and highly responsive. Just ensure that the features and functions are well intact as they are the ones that will help you in better selling.

Pop-ups can do the magic

A pop-up is a graphical display area that appears on the website as soon as the customer loads the website. While these pop-ups can be really irritating when not used correctly. But with an efficient utilization, they can really do the magic.

Most people think that a pop-up is in their way, obstructing their view. But if you target a mass audience with the pop-ups, it can be really helpful. Use the right language when advertising, and ensure that it is relevant. Don’t forget to give it a theme that is not too awkwardly showy but just right. Not to forget the part where you put up a Call-to-Action to complete the objective of using a pop-up in the first place.


Take a look at this pop-up by Cobone. Who wouldn’t want to sign up to know about amazing deals in advance? Targeting a massive audience, practically just about everyone who stumbles upon the website, they have also worked on the timing. Two minutes after the customer has entered the online store, he/she is hit with the pop-up. It is because if it’s a bit too early, it will frustrate the customer and will have him/her abandon the website out of lost interest.

Strong CTAs

CTAs are buttons that have text on them. The text is such that it triggers the consumers into making a purchase, for instance, “Click Here”, “Sign up today!”, “Buy Now to get a great deal”. So they maybe small in size but they can have a huge impact! In fact, when it comes to conversions, they matter the most today.

When Cobone introduced “Pick of the Day”, they had it all worked out. The placement and copy is so perfect that the customers just couldn’t resist to it. A great CTA works every time.

Many online stores are realizing the potential of CTA buttons as they are a clever way of increasing consumer engagement. A website can barely get a conversion without a solid CTA. So work on a great copy and a noticeable color.

Card layouts are fun

For ecommerce stores, it’s all about the visuals these days. Hi-res images, bright graphical representation of products, apparels with actual people wearing them to help the customer visualize the product better, and all tricks like these result in better conversions.

Something that sums up all of this pretty well is a card layout. Card based design acts like a collector of graphical content for a fun presentation on the website. It may include categories, videos, images and align them in various ways in whatever format that deems fit, vertically and horizontally.


Take a look at the cards layout formed by Crazy Deals. The design gives a compact feel of the assorted content of item from various categories in a partial card layout format on the home page. Sets the right mood for buying more than one product than you are actually interested in – what a catch!

Not having your hands on the latest trends can prove to be damaging and an obstruction in succeeding to win from the competition. If you own an ecommerce store, an ecommerce development company UAE , or an independent designer, then take these latest web design trends into account to make your ecommerce store stand out from the crowd.

Mariya Sabeen Irshad
Mariya Sabeen Irshad
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