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Web Design vs. Print Design – What You Need to Know About

Being a graphic designer, it is important to know the similarities and differences between print design and web design. Since there are many similarities between the two, design standards don’t change. But there are many people who are not fully aware of the differences between the two and design both with the same mindset and approach.

For instance, when a design is created for print medium such as magazine, flyer, brochure, the way users interact with it is entirely different to a website. The experience is about turning pages and moving through the information. In addition, you need to consider various factors such as aesthetic design, quality of the paper the design is printed on, color, texture, weight and finishing. All these things become the part of the experience of the piece as you see it, pick it up and feel it.

Usually, there is not much interactivity and intuitiveness, other than flipping pages and turning them over. There are no links to click on, rollovers to hover, etc. It doesn’t allow you to make a comment or respond to you as you interact with it.

When it comes to websites, they function in a completely different way, it’s all about clicking and scrolling and providing interaction with the user. Things happen only when you click and move your mouse. And in many modern websites, providing relevant content in the more personalized format has now become the norm. Websites can keep users more engaged, allow them to explore some more relevant topics, provide place to click on and lead them to the next.

Web designing is different from print designing, it is all about continuous improvement, continuous tweaking and improvement. They are frequently evolving. Some companies redesign their company websites to provide more intuitive user experience.  While in print design, what you see is what you get. The information is printed on a finite piece of paper, that will not grow or expand over time. It will still the same forever.

Check out this infographic that will help you understand the differences and similarities between the web design and print design.


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