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Best Practices for Social Media Lead Generation in 2020

Social Media Lead Generation in 2020

The internet offers a plethora of business opportunities to virtually everyone.

Whether you’re a bridal dress designer or manage a mom-n-pop restaurant in Upstate New York, if you’re internet-savvy, you can always carve a lucrative niche for yourself.

One of the ways the www helps you recruit ardent followers is through the social media. Social media allows you can generate direct leads without agonizing people to click on those click-bait emails.

The good thing about social media lead generation is that you can focus on potential customers in an organized manner. You can find the right people to engage in various ways. We have some tips that might interest you and help you generate some genuine leads from social media.

The good thing about social media is that there are a lot of ways in which you can attract customers and generate leads. But the only problem that businesses face is to entice users to enter the sales funnel which is the first step towards generating a lead.

The techniques mentioned here are simple yet effective, and they will generate the unimaginable amount of leads on social media in 2020.

Eavesdrop on your Brand Mentions

A little eavesdrop can get you a lead. I mean seriously. When you know what customers are talking about you on social media, you’ll be able to help them out either by answering their queries or helping them improve the reputation of your brand.

When a customer mentions your name on any social media platform, it is your opportunity to do something about it. The way you respond to social media mentions directly affects the reputation of your brand.

You can avoid being too pushy and try to pitch your product/service when the customer is in the mood to listen. If the customer is angry, you can calm them down by listening and resolving their issue before you give them some incentive to order from your brand.

Use Live Streaming to engage more customer

Live streaming is an effective way to generate genuine leads with social media. You can take an interview or share a live webinar with your customers. When you share the live link on your social media page, it will be easy for anyone and everyone to join your live streaming and become part of your brand.

You can also share your personal stories or how you do what you do. The stories that you share with the consumer will leave a powerful impact on them, and this might lead them to a landing page or in a customer’s buying cycle where they are tuned to make the purchase.

Seek Help from Social Media Influencers

In a research, it was revealed that 22% of the people of ages 18-34 made a large purchase after seeing an influencer endorsing the item.

Social media influencers are good for brands that are willing to expand their brand’s reach on social media. Influencers already have a good following which makes it easy for them to reach a brand’s target audience.

When you partner with the influencer, people might feel happy and safe to buy your product/service. You can send your products to influencers and ask them for a genuine review of the product.

You might engage the influencers on Twitter by messaging them or on Instagram by engaging them on posts.

Reach more people with Hashtags

Since the day Facebook decreased its organic reach, the only way to increase reach is by adding hashtags. While it is okay to use your hashtags, it is even better to use hashtags that people are already using in their business. This is an excellent way to build your followers so that you can then share content with them and collect more leads.

You can use an online tool like allow you to find out the reach of any particular hashtag. This will help you to use already popular tags.

Optimize Profiles & Pages

As they say that a brand is a complete personality. You must build and present your brand’s personality in a way that people can relate to it and learn to trust it.

When your profile will appear in the timeline of people, do you want to leave a lousy impression? I think not. It is your responsibility to optimize your social media profile and pages so that it will deliver the values that align with your business.

For instance, on your profile or social media page, add a link that will take visitors to a landing page. Once the visitors are on the landing page, they’re in the sales funnel cycle, and it will become somewhat easy to persuade them from there onwards.

When customers visit your social media page for the first time, they might ask what does this brand stand for? This is your opportunity to attract those customers. In the about us section of the Facebook page, add as much detail as you can about your business and how your business can help the customers solve their problems or complement their strengths.

Always Use an Optimistic Tone

When you read a comment or brand mention about your business, you might rush to clear the air. But before you do so, take an in-depth look at the following quote:

“We see our customers as guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” ~Jeff Bezos

Do you think that your reply is positive? Or the tone of your response sounds a little negative? As a brand, it is your responsibility to maintain a positive brand personality out there. All it takes is a single negative comment to destroy your brand’s reputation.

You need to use various tones on different platforms. For instance, a formal language might work on LinkedIn, but it will bore customers on Facebook. If your brand voice is lost, you can use social media channels to regain your lost reputation.

The Wrap-up

It doesn’t matter if you use social media or not. Your customers are already using social media to search, buy, and refer products to their friends. It is up to you to establish a powerful brand reputation in the digital world out there.

Don’t worry about what your competitors think about you; focus on building a positive, reliable, and persuasive reputation of your brand in the digital world and people will rush towards you to buy from you.

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