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Why Should a Mobile App Developer in Dubai Learn App Store Optimization

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 Technology has altered every facade of our lives and is now encroaching its way into Dubai. Back in the good old days, we loved to meet up with our friends and family over a cup of coffee top pour our hearts out and have a good laugh or two. Alas! Now, even when we do huddle together, we find ourselves nose deep in reading comments on our social media profiles or chatting online instead of bonding with people who are right in front of us. For us, the acceptance of our fan following on what we do and how we do it has become more important than the approval of the person sitting right in front of us. In recent times, developers in Dubai are laser-focused on working creating user-centered apps.

Gone are the days when UAE was considered a technologically adept country based on free WiFi-spots and effective monitoring utilities. Tell me about it! But, with the concept of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning making its way to the doorsteps of Dubai, the expectations of Emiratis from technology has surpassed above all. They are more indulged in their smartphones and are found downloading apps every now and then.

For them, AI is the tool of experiencing how machines can offer prudent recommendations on important matters.

More than 63% of mobile apps downloaded from the App Store are organically searched by users. Most business owners have realized the value of mobile apps in business and are greatly leveraging that power for their personal benefit. While top developers in Dubai can make a performance-oriented and flawless mobile application, it just might fail to get the required exposure without proper App Store Optimization.

Are you eager to learn why a mobile app developers in Dubai should learn App Store Optimization? Please, take out some time and have a read.

What is App Store Optimization?

Just like an SEO specialist optimizes a website to rank on higher on Google’s Search Engine, App Store Optimization or ASO is the method of increasing the discoverability of an app on various App Stores.

The higher you increase the visibility of your app on the App Store, the incoming traffic to your app store page increments accordingly. As a result, there is an increase in the number of downloads, ultimately resulting in increasing your profitability score from better to best.

Just like websites rank on different search engines based on a number of factors; a mobile app considers several factors such as app downloads, app-usage, store keyword, uninstalls, ratings, and reviews.

Just like SEO, ASO requires consistent supervision in order to keep the app’s rank on top of different search engines. ASO specialists play around with keywords and their placements and involve other best practices to make sure that an app stays on top of the store.

Why is the Mobile App Store Optimization Process Necessary?

Coding up an interesting app could give your business the much-needed boost, but what if your amazing app fails to reach the right audience? With over 2 million different mobile apps floating around on the major App Stores of the world, getting your application in front of the right people who would heed and download it, is a cumbersome task. While App Store Search is the most common way how audience search for mobile applications, the right optimization of each of your mobile app pages become eminent.

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If your app store page isn’t properly optimized, brace for hundreds and thousands of lost opportunities for your app download. It is not important that you spend all the time on improving your app store page; you can spend a couple of hours every week and still get the job done. By optimizing your app page relevant to the most popular search terms, you can reap great benefits in the long run.

Benefits of App Store Optimization

As mobile app developers in Dubai, I often wonder how benefiting App Store Optimization (ASO) is going to turn out for my business. So, I went on a research spree and came across these few benefits.

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1) Increased Organic Installs

If you implement a highly effective ASO strategy, your organic installs will incredibly soar sky-high. After all, increasing download rates and getting a good return on cost can help you grow your business exponentially. Plus, you won’t have to invest anything; once, your application is optimized, it will automatically start ranking your app higher and deliver better search results.

2) Get Ready Feedbacks

App stores are designed in such a way that they allow customers to rate and leave their reviews on any specific app which they download or purchase. If your mobile app is optimized with the right keywords, it will allow users to drop in their experiences more often. It will not only help you optimize your app better but also understand how you can make it more performance-oriented.  

3) Localize By Country

Each app store is different based on the specific state or country it is intended for. But, with ASO, you can localize your app so it can be optimized for different states based on linguistic differences. You can change the metadata on your app depending on the country where your app is more likely to get marketing exposure. With effective localization, you can provide your app with an effective presence globally.

4) Better Data Collection

Since app store optimization is an ongoing process entailing consistent testing to perform optimally, it can help a mobile developer stay abreast of the current market trends. It will keep you in the market buzz and help you test out keywords, images and other descriptions of the mobile apps which are offering the best conversion. All that data that you’re going to collect for optimization is going to give you a better insight and help you stay ahead of your competition.


Technology provides a myriad of potential solutions that address urban issues in diverse ways. Around the world, mobile development service is no more exhibiting a predilection for conjuring up some aesthetically pleasing and performance-oriented digital solutions. with the emergence of newer technology on the horizon, better digital solutions are slowly surfacing. Developers in Dubai are now smart enough to design apps that are not only innovative but also stay above the competition. Some of these top developers in Dubai have also mastered the art of App Store Optimization. 

After all, you want to make sure that your produced mobility solution does rank on the App Store par excellently above all other competitors. Are you interested in hiring a mobile app developer skilled in the art of ASO? Even if it’s just an optimization strategy which you are looking forward to implementing, then don’t hold back. Reach out to us and we would love to help you create a remarkable website on the go. 

Ashad Ubaid
Ashad Ubaid
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