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Race to the Best Website: Battle between a DIY and a Professionally Developed Website

Are you interested in building a website for your business?

If you want to create a new website or update an existing one, it is essential to either choose to make one yourself or hire a professional web design service. These are the only two options which you have. Over a decade ago, if you chose to build a website on your own, you would’ve required to learn a mix of programming languages such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. However, now website development has dramatically changed. With the rise of online web development tools, now anybody can easily create a website without investing a lot.

These tools now make a non-techie capable of creating a website of their own choice without putting much of an effort. Although it may look like the perfectly sound option, we wonder if it really is one?

Here’s a decision that’s worth weighing carefully.

Is a DIY website builder a suitable option or should you hire a professional web design agency in Dubai?

What is a DIY Website Builder?

DIY is an abbreviation for “do it yourself” and a DIY website builder is a free or paid tool which allows users to create a website on their own without the need of a professional web developer.

Such website builders have a variety of templates and versatile customization settings. These settings include header, logo, title and headings, photos, color scheme, block layout, and similar things. Such builders have a drag and drop builder that allows users to create websites without any coding easily.

As far as DIY website builder versatility is concerned, it goes beyond just the common ones that we see every day like Wix and Weebly. There are more complex content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, but we wouldn’t include them in our analysis today.

Such CMS also requires a web app developer to help you build the website you desire.

What Issues Can One Face When Creating a Website through DIY Website Builder?

Although the idea of creating a website using a DIY website builder might sound interesting, it isn’t as rewarding as one may expect it to be. It may cost you less than hiring a web design agency, and as the dogma states that most of these platforms are absolutely FREE when you take the chance of exploring them in-depth, you will realize that it is not quite as you term it, FREE.

All of the DIY website builders have a,

  • A premium version
  • A paid option
  • Paid hosting plans
  • An additional domain name price
  • And more.

And after you pay all of this, you will still not get the best looking conversion-boosting website design.

We took a trip down the road asking a group of customers about how they felt using one such DIY builder and the answers we got was quite astonishing. Customers usually complained about:

  • They had very similar looking websites when they had multiple website projects.
  • There wasn’t much extensibility or there wasn’t an option to add new features.
  • When using the FREE version, the website builder capitalized on custom made ads.
  • There were no particular templates to fit their respective business appropriately.
  • They were biased to perform SEO which is a major benefactor in site ranking.
  • They have limited customization options and many other restrictions.

Such consistent problems became an alarming concern for limiting brand visibility among markets.

Why Hiring a Web Design Agency is Better Alternative?

Well, to begin with, you get plenty of room and space to create the best-looking website designs. If you want to stand ahead of the competition, then hiring a web design agency is one of the most feasible options. You will benefit a lot by investing your budget in a web design company, and here’s how:

Create a Unique Website

When you hire a professional website design agency to create a website for your business, it will ensure that it creates a unique website design for you. This website will more likely be custom-tailored to fit your personal requirements and will have plenty of interesting features.

Unlike DIY website builders, you won’t be limited to a certain template type.

A professional web design agency will not just create a website for you; they will establish your digital image in the market. It will also show your intentions and commitment to the business.

A Mind Captivating User-Experience

When you hire an external web design agency, you can give your website a thriving user experience. Your website will have the perfect UX and an appropriate sales funnel which is custom-tailored to guide your customer right into the sales conversion funnel. Custom-tailored website design will have buttons, links, layout design, blocks, and forms all focusing on one thing, convincing your customer.

To achieve such a funnel, you need an expert intervention, and the only way you can get it is when your website is built under the supervision of a professional web design agency.

You can Add as Many Features as you Want

Another great perk of hiring a web design agency is that you will get as many features as you want.

Where a DIY website builder might limit your expertise, a professional web design agency will make the sky the limit. You can add multiple workflows, integrate CMS, turn your website into a store, add multiple gateways, easily shift between hosting, and add dynamic elements as per choice.

When you invest your budget in a professional agency, then your one-time investment puts you in the long haul with the company. Rather than paying chunks every month for subscriptions, isn’t a single time investment worth the shot? Just pay extra when you need to scale up your website.

Concluding Thoughts

Hopefully, you are now clear on why a DIY website builder is not that much of a worthwhile option as hiring a professional website design agency. There are several other benefits such as,

  • You will be able to perform your own uncapped SEO marketing for the website.
  • You can make your website more mobile-optimized and mobile-friendly.
  • You can add only the needed functionalities making it clutter-free.
  • You get a chance to grow at an unlimited pace.

Couple a professional web design service with the best digital marketing and see for yourself the results. At Branex, we make sure that your business becomes an online success and a thriving one.

Want to learn more about the benefits of a professionally developed website? Get in touch with us.

Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui
Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui
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