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6 Tactics for a Successful Ecommerce Web Design

Ecommerce web design is among the progressing industries of today that is attracting much interest of both the seller and the buyer. This is exactly why the internet is full of eCommerce websites varying in size, industry and consumer reach but all of them have one basic goal, that is to sell.

Selling on any ecommerce website requires a set of predefined strategies that makes the venture succeed. The formula for making an ecommerce design is similar any other business. A unique proposition that adds value to consumers and their purchase decisions. But when we talk of an eCommerce website, its success is highly dependent on the term commonly coined as user experience.

There can be many ways that can improve the user experience of your web design. But in this article, I will talk about tactics that will ensure better performance of your ecommerce website design.

1-   Know what your visitors want

Typically, there are only two kinds of visitors on any ecommerce website:

  •  Those who know what they are looking for
  •   Those who are looking around

Both these group of the audience can be catered through intelligent ecommerce website design. Fewer products can be featured on the main pages, but if you have a long list of products falling in various categories then it is advised to include the search functionality on your website. Customers don’t like to spend time in finding things that they want, especially when they know what they are looking for. Therefore, you need to make it as quick and painless for them as possible.

For customers who do not have the idea of what they are looking for, you need to provide them with a list of products for them to browse through. For that, your navigation should be easy to use with varying choices. You can also entice them during the search process through offers that can help them in finalizing their purchase decision.

2-   Choose your platform wisely

There are dozens of e commerce website development platforms available today. Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce are only a few of the famous e commerce website development platforms used by developers to create such sites. You must talk to your Ecommerce website design agency about the appropriate platform for its development. The appropriate platform provides the much-needed framework and logistics needed to support and maintain an online store. Some platforms are best suited for vast e commerce solutions while others are skewed towards small-scale shops. Choosing the right platform will help you understand and overcome your business objectives as well as the needs of your consumers in advance.

3-   Devise a strategy

Just as you would expect any traditional store to be organized and clean, consumers also expect the same from stores online. Your website design will be your first point of contact with your consumer and if you fail to make your impression in the first visit, the chances of you scoring a sale will increase by at least 20%. Your website design should not only be clean and well organized but should be easy to use too.

4-   Provide secure transaction tools

While there are many benefits of setting up our ecommerce business online, there can be equally important areas to be identified and requires careful consideration. Due to the rising identity theft issues mainly on such online forums, you need to provide your customers with fully verified and secured online payments tools that they can trust on. Not only that implementing such tools will give your customers peace of mind but also provide you with an edge that will definitely contribute to bringing in more sales.

5-   Provide contact info

Sometimes, online shoppers do not prefer to interact with people. But when they get upset or have a complaint they desperately seek a representative of the service to talk to. Placing a complaint form is one idea that is suggested to be used in such websites. This gives your customers a feel of connection with the brand itself. But make sure you monitor each and every query that is dropping in your inbox because any missed query can frustrate your consumer and they can further use the power of social media to publicize the issue, which will definitely cut your sales short.

6-   Get in touch with us

Every consumer is different and so is the consumer. They have different needs that are fulfilled by different solutions. It is imperative to do your research before asking for assistance from any ecommerce web design agency. We, being a professional web design agency in Dubai makes sure that our customers get the best possible advice from us upon their project requirements and in affordable cost. If you have an ecommerce website design and development idea in mind, you must also get in touch with us.


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