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October 24, 2016
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The Logo Shape – Why It Matters to a Business

Imagine if I ask you to tell me the names of some of the famous brands that comes to your mind, instantly. You might say Apple, Intel, Honda, Pizza Hut etc. does an image comes to your mind when you are recalling all these names or just their logos. It be right if I say that you it’s the logos that you recalled, isn’t it!


For many of us, it is the logos that remain in our minds and that we recall instantly when someone asks for them. A logo is the company’s first identity in front of the customers. a recent study in the Journal of Consumer Research, it had been found out that consumers perceive a company and its products based on the tiniest of its logo elements.
The global learners have done a substantial amount of research on how and why a logo shape influences the thinking process of the common man so much. What most researches have proved that logos that appear incomplete yet attractive can and do grab customers’ attention but fail in building a trust level with the customer. Another interesting fact that the researchers have found about the consumer is that when they see a complex repeatedly, they start liking the brand more than the rest, weird isn’t it!

Provided the number of researches we get to read every other day and the continually evolving methods and procedure, we thought that the overall shape of the logo must also be of some importance to the consumer and that it helps in shaping up the entire brand or website experience. It’s a well-established fact with the logo shapes, that circular shapes are often interpreted as soft and comfy, angular shapes with hard, sturdy things and this pretty much makes sense, at least this is what our professional logo designers believe at Dubai Monsters. These associations were probably formed over time because that’s how we encounter the world. The researchers wanted to know whether they could exploit these strong associations by using the logo as a subtle, subconscious guide in consumers’ minds.


It turned out eventually that the outcome doesn’t apply on products only, as it also distorts the overall image and characteristics of the business as well. In another series of experiment the research team interviewed more than 90 people in which the interviewees were asked to view a dozen circular and angular logos and then were given a scenario about a hypothetical air travel company. In the event a passenger was trying to board an air craft with extra luggage. The respondents were asked if the airline will allow the passenger to take his extra luggage along.
The researchers found out that those respondents who were told that the airline has a circular logo thought that it would allow the passenger to carry his extra luggage along, however those who were told that the airline had an angular logo thought completely otherwise. This suggested that only the association with the logo’s shape can create a world of difference in the minds of your prospect customers. if it is fresh in their minds, it will influence their buying behaviors and decisions.

When organizations design their logos, they should be thoughtful about making the logo associations fit with the association they want to create for their brand with their customers. not only the shape of the logo creates an association but also the overall marketing and publicity campaign, the visuals, the communication, the advertisements, everything does. But the core responsibility of the company is to stream line the messaging with the logo and its shape, because this is what signifies the direction of movement of the company itself.


Logos are a direct communication medium with the customers. what companies need to worry about is the equilibrium they can create through what they are saying verbally about their products with respect to what they are showing through the shapes in their logo designs. it is also important to bear in mind that logo designing is a complex job that is done best by those who are experienced and pro in it. Not every time a free-lancer or a novice logo artist would be able to create a logo design that is futuristic and long lasting and hold all the important characteristics of being unique and original. To receive a logo design that is created using the appropriate shapes in mind and that guarantees to portray a positive look of your business to the prospects, get in touch with a professional logo design agency in Dubai, right away!


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