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5 Content Marketing Trends for 2016 You Need To Know

Content marketing is gaining more popularity as it builds relationships with your audience, this is why almost 80% of web marketers include a solid content marketing strategy in their business plan. If you don’t have a strong content marketing plan, create it immediately to increase your traffic and return on investment. To stay ahead of the competition, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest content marketing trends. As technology brings modifications in how visitors consume content, web marketers also need to adapt to those trends and changes in order to stay their website on top. Here are the latest content marketing trends that will rule 2016.

1. Episodic Content

Episodic Content

Dividing your content into multiple parts and organizing it over time to time will keep your audience engaged. Episodic content builds up a much needed anticipation that hooks your audience till your next post. It creates a long lasting impression on the minds of the readers which is obviously can’t be achieved by a single piece of writing. It is important to create some thrill, suspense and curiosity about your brand in your readers mind through your content to create a desire to read the next episode and they will most likely come back to your blog.

2. Personalize your Content

Personalize your Content

Simply creating content and posting it is not enough. The biggest challenge is to come up with something that connects with your audience on a completely different level. It is recommended to add a flavor of personalization to your content to get the optimum results. Add your personal experiences and stories, forget those traditional form of content but don’t ever forget to make sure the content is presented in a way that highlights your branding elements like logo design, CTA, symbols and web design. This will help your customers remember your brand along with their experience for a long time. Be supportive and build a reliable relationship with your website visitors.

3. Fusion of SEO and Content

Fusion of SEO and Content

SEO and content marketing work hand in hand. Content marketing fulfills the every single demand of SEO. Obviously, everyone wants to be on the first page of the search engine. Unique content has more chances of getting better search rankings. Your content should be informative, enriching and engaging in order to appear in organic search results and attract more traffic to your website. Engaging and unique content has a potential to attract people and convert them into leads. Content is king and is predicted to play a vital part in B2B and B2C marketing in 2016. A strong strategy of personalized, creative and informative content along with SEO can surely help your business grow.

4. User Generated Content

User Generated Content


There are two types of people in this world, i) content producers ii) content consumers. What if content consumers become the new content producers? It will be appealing and trustworthy for your potential customers and people will naturally want to know more about your products and services. User generated content is curated by a brand’s fans and consumers as you let your own customers generate the content they want. The best example of user generated content is the latest Coca-Cola’s campaign. Share a Coke campaign introduced Coke bottles with customers name on the label of the bottle. Customers share their pictures on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media channels. The company overall generated 2% more sales in the US.

5. Content Distribution

content distribution


Social media has become significantly famous in the digital world and businesses are reaping the full benefits of social media to reach out to their target audience and reinforce their brand. For 92% of web marketers, social media is important for their business marketing plan. In 2016, more and more web marketers will make use of social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for distributing their content. It is worthwhile to carefully research the channels where your target audience exists and choose the right platform accordingly. These platforms have billions of users, so use these platforms smartly to increase your leads.

It is important for you as an entrepreneur to stay up-to-date with the latest content marketing trends and get ahead of the competition to achieve new heights for your business in 2016.  Do you want to spread your word globally? Hire Dubai Monsters now and get your brand recognized online.

Mariya Sabeen Irshad is a Creative Writer and Blogger. She is a staunch believer of ‘logic’ who loves her family, likes to write about anything and everything, and console games are her idea of an engagingly fun activity at any time of the day, with football leading the way. Follow her @MariyaSIrshad

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