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March 11, 2016
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7 PPC Marketing Blunders To Avoid

PPC Marketing Blunders

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing is undoubtedly one of the best digital marketing tools in the online business sector. It is a must have arsenal for a corporate marketing sector. Although SEO is imporatant for traffic generation but PPC can generate as much as 64% of clicks. This makes it the second most effective lead generator in the digital arena.

There’s no wonder why marketers have increased their budget on PPC campaigns. PPC marketing campaign is a proven yet effective way to market your products, brand or service. But a question arises, does PPC campaign always give profits? Is it that simple to have an effective PPC campaign? And the answer is NO!

PPC campaign requires a lot of hard work, research and planning. Here I’ll discuss 7 marketing blunders that are common when it comes to PPC marketing campaign.  

1. Not Working on the Right Campaign 

Use Google Display Network, this give you the outreach to a large audience. Selecting the right campaign type can definitely help your campaign succeed and result in expanding its outreach.

2. Broad Keyword Targeting

If done correctly, this type of advertisement can generate spontaneous positive results. What important is your keyword targeting should be precise and focused. Broad keyword targeting actually backfires at times.

3. Untested Advertisement

Experts from Google encourage testing of website ads through an A/B test, multivariate and other testing methods; this is to ensure the efficiency of a certain campaign.

4. Poor Call to Action

The attribute that greatly contributes a success or failure of a campaign is your call to action. This is the most critical part that appeals visitor to click on the banner or lead form. A poor call to action means a fail PPC campaign. Many PPC advertisers fail to impress their visitors and that is due to poor call to action.

5. Ignore Landing Pages

One of the main advantages of having PPC advertisements is that it generates leads. This generates digital marketers 54% more leads using this channel. Ignoring landing pages can greatly affect the number of leads. 

6. Targeting the Wrong Audience

Audience targeting is really critical in such campaigns. Demographics like location and age play an important part in making a successful PPC campaign. Selecting your targeted audience will promote your campaign amongst the most interested buyers and customers.  

7. Power Of Remarketing

Many PPC marketers believe that marketing campaigns will give instant results. In reality, it fetches only 2% of result they want. If you want to harness the power of remarketing through an efficient way, you can easily earn 70% of conversion rate.  


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