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March 8, 2016
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Fundamentals of Banner Advertising: Part 2

Banner Advertising

As banners become the most popular form of advertising, knowing the basics and implementing them correctly is how you get on top with the advertising. I talked about some fundamentals of banner advertising earlier and this is where I’ll take you further to the second part of it.

There are certain technical terms that are used in banner advertising. They can really come in handy as that is what you will be doing in this form of advertising throughout. Let’s take a look at the list of these technical terms.

Click (Click throughs)

Banners have a link (or “URL”) that directs to the website of the advertisers’ mentioned service or product. All banners have it. So anyone who is looking at the banner can also click on the banner which will direct him/her to the website of the advertiser. When that someone clicks on the banner, hence the term “Click” is used to define the very action of the banner being clicked and the viewer being taken to the website to the website of the advertiser.


Each time that the banner is displayed, to the viewer, on the screen, an impression/view occurs.  This is commonly used in various other terms that are discussed ahead. This is why an understanding of this has to be absorbed prior to the rest of them.

CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions)

Call it a unit of measure for the banners, as they are sold. Note that you are buying the banner in bundles of 1000 impressions and it does not imply to the number of times it is clicked.

CTR (Click Through Rate)

It is basically a ratio of Impressions to clicks. Most of the times, it is expressed in the form of a percentage. If it is, say, 1% then this would mean that for the 100 times a banner was displayed, one people clicked on the banner. 1% is taken as the industry average. You can raise it to 2% by making your banner stand out and spending time with it in making it look like a quality work of art.

CPC (Cost Per Click)

There are certain websites that are selling banner space. They have a payment method that measures the amount of Clicks that any banner receives. For any amount that is set, each time the banner gets clicked, the advertiser pays the web the set amount. Advertisers utilize this space to simply achieve the click throughs by viewers and have their ad displayed.

Run of Site/General Rotation

These banners are such that they are displayed randomly on any area of the website and will be displayed to any visitor at random. These are considered as the least expensive of all the campaigns. The reason being that they target at the very least given the randomness of its placement.

Now you know all the terms of banner advertising as well the purpose of it. What’s the next step? Go on and buy some impressions, buy fixed placements or clicks. Your banner will be rotating on the website until the set number is reached.

Any PPC Dubai agency is well focused on utilizing the right amount of time for creating effective banner ads that sell. If you are part of the same agency or are a one-man-army, this information will work for you. Good Luck!


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