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How to Create Great App Screenshots that Drive Maximum Conversions for Your Next Mobile App

Okay, so you have finally developed an awesome mobile app for your business. Great!

What’s next?

It’s time for you to design an awesome landing page for the app store that persuades users to take a leap of faith and hit the download button. Whether visitors came from organic search, paid search, social media or after the recommendation of a friend or influencer, what matters most are the features that your app has in store for them. If your app doesn’t give them what they came for, what’s the point of downloading it in the first place. So, it is strongly advised to diligently design the app landing page and incorporate all the design elements that users pay most attention to.

Screenshots are the most important design element of your app landing page that give customers a sneak-peak of what they can expect from the app and help them decide whether to install your app or move on. In addition, it plays a key role in increasing your conversion rate, because less than 2% of users actually bother to click on the read more button or read the complete app description. However, great screenshots will better communicate what your app does and how it can solve users’ problems.

If truth be told, well-designed and awesome screenshots can reel in users much faster than a detailed description and convert interested prospects into actual users. In fact, customers often compare screenshots to competitors to validate potential purchases.

If you want to create screenshots that immediately grab users’ attention and get them to click and download, here are a few effective strategies you should follow when it comes to designing app store screenshots for your next mobile app development project.

Follow the Design Guidelines 

Prior to designing app screenshots, it is advised to carefully read the screenshot guidelines of Apple Store and Google Play. By keeping the important instructions and requirements in mind, you will come up with a better version of screenshots, save time and increase the app conversion rate.

Explain the Main Selling Points of Your App

To make your app a big hit, it is important to explain the benefits of your app and how it solves your problems. While creating screenshots, think carefully about the USPs of your app, want it does, and what makes your app unique from hundreds of thousands of other apps available in the app store. By using understandable, clear and self-explanatory images, you can help users understand the core purpose of your app and evaluate whether it is a good fit.

If your app has a number of benefits and features, it is recommended to choose one benefit per screenshot, providing too much information in one image will scare off the users. You can make the most of screenshots and convince your users why they should download your mobile app.

Explain How Your App Works

Another important factor that you should keep in mind while creating screenshots for your app is to define how your app is set up and how it works. Narrate a story with the flow of screenshots and take your user through your app sequentially. Obviously, nobody wants to download an app that is tricky, so try to highlight the most important features of your app that help users choose your app. You can smartly use the images to clearly explain what your app does and how you can use it.

Add Captions

When users view your app screenshots, they want to understand what your app does and the functionalities offered by your app. Embedding text captions help users understand your images and prevent them from putting extra effort to understand your app. Designers can highlight relevant UI elements by simply using reference captions that make them more readable and easy-to-understand. Moreover, it helps users easily scan the screenshots more easily.

Organize Your Screenshots Carefully

The alignment of your screenshots matters most and can help users understand the whole story. But sadly, 60% of viewers don’t bother to swipe past the first two images. It is important to place the well-designed screenshots, captured at the most intriguing moment of your app; first to grab the attention of your target audience. If you organize your screenshots wisely, chances are you will get a significant boost in app downloads. Furthermore, if you have recently added a new feature or want to update the design and content of your mobile app, you have an option to update screenshots every time you make tweaks to your app.

Key Takeaways

In this saturated market where billions of apps are available in the app stores, building an app that is unique is no easy feat. If you want users to download your app, clearly demonstrate the unique functionality of your app in your screenshots. Visual demonstration works best and explains to your users how your app can solve problems they have. Keep your screenshots simple and understandable. Use your creativity and design skills to show the users what is so great about your app offers that others don’t.

Screenshots matter most to your app success. By following these powerful strategies, you will definitely create easy-to-understand and visually appealing app screenshots that will get viewers to click, scroll and download.


Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
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