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How to Grow Your Online Business in Dubai – UAE

With nearly half the entire globe’s population transitioning to the internet usage by the end of this year, we can surely predict that the internet is going to provide vast business opportunities to companies around the globe to invest in the UAE market and earn significant returns from it.

Dubai has emerged as a growth packed economic hub and per a recent study carried by the Dubai Media City based Madar Research Group, the growth potential of online businesses in Dubai is likely to hit the max high of 95% in the coming years.

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The trend is being further fueled by the emerging markets and with the growth of social media. The rise of entrepreneurship on a small level, say on social media is leading to the birth of progressing businesses that are bound to become a big chain in the future.

The trend of eCommerce is also no different. New players are setting ablaze the trail for e-tailing. According to the famous Arab Advisors Group, the value of eCommerce transactions is more than $10 Billion a year, approx. In the UAE alone, and with the staggering growth of the broadband and rapid internet services, the number is but to rise in future. For that matter, PayPal is also coming big in the middle eastern countries.

For most customers, the basic reason behind shopping remains same. They want to buy the trendiest of things for them. Whether online or offline, all they want is the best value for the money they are paying to make the purchase. In order to cater to such hi-ambition customers, businesses around the world are contacting eCommerce website design agencies in Dubai to step into the world of eCommerce. Let us see below what are the requirements you need to setup an eCommerce website in the UAE region:

Proper planning and research

Many budding business owners initially face the issue of financing their newborn venture and ways to manage it over time. Ones they are done dealing with such issues they move ahead, but somewhere in the middle they miss out on the appropriate planning and research part and try and jump to the results. for new business ventures planning and research is imperative. Its helps you target your marketing strategies to specific customers to reeve maximum returns on your investment.


while time is dedicated to researching the business model and other factors, licensing is often kept aside to be worked upon later, which shouldn’t be the case. A license is a very important part of your business. most business owners understand the importance of licenses in their business’s life and acquire one before setting it up.

Location is important

A location isn’t simply about where you would like to set up an office, shop, or factory but more about licensing jurisdiction. There are a number options available, from onshore, licensed by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in each emirate, to a growing number of free zones, often themed around particular industries or segments. Some licensing authorities allow you to set up as a freelancer or professional services provider. Others will limit your scope of activities so if you plan to expand your services in the future, make sure you are licensed in a zone or authority that allows you to do so.

Free Zones

Free zones can offer a suitable alternative to start-ups within specific sectors. A start-up looking to set up a manufacturing facility and export their products may consider Jebel Ali Free Zone. Other options include Hamriyah and Ras Al Khaimah free zones. Themed free zones such as Dubai internet City, Dubai Media City, or Dubai Design District can help start-ups within those sectors become part of the business community.

Local partner vs local service agent

If you decide to license onshore, everyone will tell you to find a local partner. This is not necessarily the case. Onshore professional licenses are available for activities such as consulting and other services and may be owned 100 per cent by a suitably qualified foreign national, although he or she must appoint a Local Service Agent (LSA). The LSA provides government registration services for a fixed annual fee and has no shareholding or involvement in the business. Such licensing also requires a physical office location.

Final word

It is clear from the above-mentioned facts that Dubai has become the economic hub of the world. A country where other nationals arrive in not only rejoice as tourists but to also earn as business owners. The prosperous opportunity that lies there is eCommerce websites have induced numerous business owners to move their focus towards online buying and selling, and for which they were helped by the industry experts at some of the most well-known website design agencies in Dubai. For online businesses in Dubai, all we can predict is that the coming years will be a bliss.

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