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Top Mobile Design Trends you Need to Incorporate in Websites Now

Mobile. The word literally means a world to each of us now. Ever imagined how difficult it is to even imagine ourselves without our mobile phones. The mere thought of not having it with us, the lack of communication, the internet, entertainment sends us deep into the pit of dark sorrows, and we instantly shake our minds back to reality.

Mobile has become the most important life device for us all, and thus it provided a boom to its complementing businesses. Many companies have moved beyond the simple responsive website design and have started creating interfaces designed to rejoice the brand’s image and maximize online conversions.

Google is a great example of this. Just recently, it launched rich cards and testing a variety of other mobile trends weekly. Let us look at some prevailing mobile trends of today:

Diffused backgrounds

To let the entire look of a mobile website slicker, designers are putting a diffused background behind the user interface. Here, diffused is referring to a techier form of “blur”. The popularity of blurred backgrounds gained pace from a popular social media network, Twitter. Since then the concept gained pace and worked its way into the mobile web space.

Less is enough

Although the modern mobile space provides you the room to experience with different forms of designs, however, many professional website design agencies in Dubai are opting to keep things more towards the simpler side.
The main motivation behind keeping the design simple is that it improves conversions by letting online visitors access the information that they are looking for.

The Bigger the Better

It will come as a surprise to nobody that mobile screen sizes can be very small. That’s why designers are opting for easy-to-read, large fonts.

Simply put: It’s user-hostile if a mobile user has to enlarge the font manually just to read what’s on the screen. It’s also a bad idea to ignore users who might not have perfect vision.

That’s why large, bold fonts are a favorite of modern developers. They offer a better user experience than what some people are seeing on other websites.

Subtle Colors all the way

It was once the case that mobile designers preferred bright, almost noisy colors in their designs. That era has passed.
Now, mobile developers are opting for subtle colors that do little more than provide an accent to the user interface. That way, the screen doesn’t appear too “busy” and users can find what they want easily.

Another trend is emerging along these lines: Mobile designers are using colors consistent with the brand’s image and/or logo. For example, a website designed for a female audience might use pink pastels while an environmental site would opt for subtle shades of green.

And Yet Mobile Is Getting Bigger

Although wearable technology is certainly going to gain traction going forward, there’s another mobile trend that’s moving in the opposite direction. People are opting for bigger screens on their mobile devices.

The emergence of the phablet (a cross between a phone and a tablet) makes it clear that there’s a market for mobile devices with large screens. That’s why designers are ensuring that their responsive development accommodates screens of various sizes.

Final word

The above-mentioned trends are only the few that are held in high regards by professional designers and business owners in the current era. There are a couple of trends more, about which I will write in my future posts. Till then, keep posted and enjoy the latest about a website and design on our blog.

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