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Here’s How to Create a Compelling Facebook Post that Converts

So, you just published a post on your Facebook page and hoping to get maximum clicks, likes and comments.

Creating a remarkable Facebook post can sometimes feel like a mystery. Many digital marketers want to increase their brand reach and audience engagement by creating a perfect Facebook post. But does the perfect Facebook post even exist?

There are many things that can create an engaging yet perfect Facebook post – visuals, catchy headlines, text, perfect timing and much more. Since there is no standard formula for creating a compelling Facebook post, but you can test out some strategies and tips and create Facebook post that works best for your brand.

4 Key Components of an Engaging Facebook Post

1. A Compelling Copy

Believe it or not, copywriting is the most important yet effective skill a digital marketer can have. Writing brief and effective copy allows you audience to easily understand your brand message, instead of deciphering what you are actually trying to convey.

Here are 3 tips that digital marketers are advised to keep in mind while writing a Facebook post for their brand.

Keep it Concise

Your audience time is important so try to convey your brand message within few words. It is recommended to use 20 words for your headlines and 50 words for the description in order to get maximum link clicks.

Use Emojis

Using emojis in your post is another important tip to get across your brand voice. You can simply use emoji to show a reaction instead of explaining something. In short, emoji is the best alternative to words and helps emit emotion.

Add a Catchy Element

While creating a Facebook post, always keep your audience in mind. Try to find out some ways that can save your audience’s time while providing valuable content. Add some teaser in your content so that your audience is able to easily figure out whether they click on a link or not.

If the content you share is not something your audience is looking for at that time, chances are they never bother to click on it. Alternatively, if you add something catchy they will probably take more interest in knowing more about your brand and continue reading.


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2. Attention-Grabbing Visuals

When you combine great content with compelling visuals, you are on your way to creating a catchy Facebook post.

Add a Number of Media Formats to Your Posts

Instead of just sticking with images, it is highly recommended to try adding different media formats such as video content, GIFs, links and other media formats relevant to your brand voice.

Create Some New Social Assets to Use

Facebook automatically shows a preview image when you are posting a link on Facebook. Instead of accepting whatever displays, creating some separate social assets to offer some unique information to your audience is key.

3. Video Content

It is important to determine the perfect length that best works for your brand. But it is usually observed that shorter videos usually create more engagement than lengthy videos. An ideal length for videos is one minute, but make sure the video you create should add immense value and provide information to your audience.

You can also experiment with Facebook Live video option as Facebook new algorithm gives more importance to Facebook Live videos as they appear top in users’ news feed.

If marketers understand the real strategy the Facebook algorithm follows, it can truly help you come up with the content that can do wonders. Facebook algorithms carefully study each post separately and predict whether a user will be interested in and how likely they are to share the content present in your post.

In fact, every post gets a relevancy score on the basis of these factors:

· Who posted the content
· How many likes and comments the post gets.
· When the post was originally created
These are some important factors that can determine whether the post gets more engagement or not.

You can increase engagement on your Facebook posts by following these steps:

· Figure out what is best for your target audience. Try implementing different things. Experiment, makes mistakes, try long and short form of content, use different tones and check what works best for your brand.
· Give your audience a reason to click on your content link. Use compelling headlines.
· Don’t be too promotional, as nobody wants to read branded stuff all the time. If you do this, chances are you’ll lose your audience’s interest.

Video content works best for some brands, but that doesn’t mean it necessarily be the case for all brands.

4. Use the Right Timing

An ideal Facebook post is more than just images, content or links. Even if you have a compelling copy and interesting visuals, but if you are posting at a time when your audience is inactive you are probably going to no engagement.

Know what time works for and how often to post. To find the ideal posting time, it is recommended to test a variety of times to check where you get the most interaction. Know your audience carefully and figure out their time zones. This way you can reach a wider audience and get maximum engagement on your posts.

Moreover, digital marketers should know how to post on Facebook. Sometimes sharing twice can give you large audience and sometimes posting eight times a day can’t work. Experiment with your number of posts daily and check what causes an increase in engagement.

Avoid these Common Mistakes

Don’t be Overly Promotional:

Always create your Facebook content by keeping your audience in mind. Instead of thinking how your products can benefit, think about how you can solve your audience’s problems.

Don’t Create Long Posts:

Carefully figure out what your main message is and stick to it. In this fast pace world, nobody has time to read unwanted lengthy content.

There is No Clear CTA

The CTA makes your audience to take a desired action. If you are not making the most out of click-throughs and engagement then you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Don’t use too many CTAs in one post, otherwise your audience will fail to click anywhere.

Don’t Optimize Images for the Platform

Every marketer should show their audience that the post is tailor-made for them by using visuals that perfectly meet Facebook image guidelines.

Since there is no perfect formula for creating a successful Facebook post that gets maximum engagement, with the above cited tips and practices you can get the idea on what to test with your Facebook marketing strategy and what doesn’t work for your audience.

Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
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