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How to Create a Delightful Magento B2b Experience?


Creating a memorable customer experience is the ultimate goal of B2C and B2B companies. B2B buyers want convenience and want B2B shopping as easy as B2C. The priorities of B2B shoppers are changing according to their priorities. According to statistics, B2B buyers purchase 75% of products online and 47% of shoppers conduct thorough web searches to look for information to complete the B2B buying process.

Providing convenience and incredible experience for B2B buyers has become the top priority for B2B business. They can fulfill this goal when they say goodbye to the traditional way of doing business. Thanks to the Magento platform, it has made it easier for B2B companies to win the trust of their potential customers, offering a smooth, personalized and hassle-free shopping experience. Magento is one of the most popular platforms for B2B ecommerce businesses that is packed with B2B-focused features to efficiently manage B2B operations and create an amazing UX.

According to Gartner, B2B companies should adopt B2C marketing and customer strategies to survive in the highly competitive business world. Since all B2B buyers are also B2C customers, they expect the same amazing experience from B2B brands. With the Magento platform and its useful suite of features, you can stand out in the B2B landscape.

From account management to customized pricing, inventory control and order management, there is a long list of benefits the Magento platform offers to B2B ecommerce website owners and help them achieve their business goals. Let’s explore how B2B ecommerce companies can create an outstanding customer experience with Magento platform’s amazing features.

B2B Account Management

Magento platform allows B2B business owners to manage multiple company accounts, add multiple users and locations, making the purchase process simpler for B2B buyers. Thanks to the recent advancements in the Magento platform, sellers can now create company accounts in which the information of multiple buyers along with their location can be included.

The simple and easy-to-use interface enables B2B operators to create business users, hierarchy, customizable roles and permissions while managing the account directly from the storefront. This amazing functionality helps B2B operators to understand the diverse needs of their customers and offer them personalized elements as per their preferences.

Customized Catalogs and Pricing

When it comes to pricing, B2B users have complete freedom to create custom catalogs for segmented groups of buyers and set prices for specific groups. With the customized catalog, it will be easier for B2B business owners to make the pricing and sales process more efficient. Magento offers tailored and dynamic pricing and allows B2B merchants to create multiple pricing rules with no limitations on the number of product catalogs.

The best part is, the entire system is customizable, allowing you to provide your customers with the customized product catalogs with accurate pricing information. This way you can give better prices and discounts to your first-time or repeat buyers.

Product Recommendations and Listings

It’s no secret that product recommendations can help ecommerce businesses to earn more profit. According to a survey conducted by Invesp, 49% of shoppers say that they bought a product that they didn’t want to buy after receiving personalized recommendations. 75% of customers are more likely to purchase a product based on personalized recommendations.  

You can also make the most out of this feature on your B2B ecommerce store by recommending real-time products. A website development team can guide you on how to use Magento and display products as per the preferences and interests of B2B buyers. With Magento, you can customize your ecommerce homepage and product pages and list similar products on product pages without manual intervention. The products are recommended on the basis of the user’s previous search history and save their preferences and shopping cart for the next purchase.

High Level of Security

A safe ecommerce site where customers’ valuable information is secured is the key to a successful business. Thanks to Magento’s front-end and back-end SSL security support, and the built-in security measures, B2B operators can keep their customers’ accounts safe. In fact, Magento’s robust security system is a great solution to protect customers’ data and offer a killer Magento B2B experience.

Ecommerce websites need customers’ data to run their online business, they need to be secured. With Magento security features, including security scan, frontend/backend captcha, two-factor authentication and advanced admin access permission, you can offer a great customer experience.

Smooth Checkout Process

A smooth and hassle-free checkout process can play a major role in creating an awesome customer experience. Whether it’s a B2B or B2C ecommerce website, consumers want an easy and simple checkout. Offering a one-click checkout option encourages B2B buyers to complete the purchase. Magento platform focuses on an easy checkout process to reduce the abandoned cart rate, drive more conversions and generate more profits.

Loyalty Programs  

Loyalty programs are an amazing strategy to motivate customers to make repeat purchases, stay loyal and engaged. Your B2B clients will definitely love freebies, discounts, coupons and cashback. You can retain your valuable clients and build strong relationships with them by following this amazing strategy. Magento platform allows you to run loyalty programs for your B2B ecommerce store to boost customer retention and increase sales. You can reward your regular customers with special discounts and coupons based on their attributes and purchase history.

Concluding Thoughts

In today’s customer-driven economy, B2B companies should embrace the Magento platform to transform their businesses and stay ahead of the competition. Magento platform is packed with many amazing features that help business to business organizations to provide their consumers a stellar customer experience. Magento ecommerce platform is the best choice to streamline your B2B business and take your ecommerce store towards new heights of success.

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