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Exploring Web Design Trends for 2024

Brands can stay ahead of the curve in 202024 with these cutting-edge web design trends.

With greater technical capabilities, advanced interactions, visual effects, and the latest web standards, you can come up with an innovative and functional website. Mobile devices continue to dominate, more emphasis on user experience and no-code tools will rule in 2024 to create intuitive web designs. Web designers and developers need to stay updated with the current tools to build sites according to the current web standards.

Let’s explore the trends that will come up in 2024 and how web designers can experiment with these trends to make more sophisticated and eye-catching designs.

Have a look at the top web design trends for 2024.

It is the right time for designers, developers and brands to start adopting these latest web design trends and give their websites a refreshing and invigorating look.

1.       Dark Mode Background

2.       App-like experiences

3.       Micro Animations

4.       Handmade graphics

5.       3D Design and Multimedia

6.       Interactive Design

7.       Text-based Hero Section

8.       VR Experiences

9.      Storytelling Websites

10.    Scroll Animations 

1.       Dark Mode Background

The trend of dark mode web designs isn’t new. Many brands are making the most out of this web design trend to create an ultra-modern look while highlighting the design elements. The dark mode web designs will continue to grow in 2024 as it is easier for users to look at the dark user interface designs. It ensures that your website doesn’t hurt users’ eyes as it helps reduce eye strain.

Moreover, it allows designers to implement accessibility features such as scaling and contrast adjustment. If your website supports this feature, chances are your brand will stand out in customers’ minds for long. Many websites provide their users with an option to switch between light and dark versions which enhances usability. 

2.       App-like experiences

Today’s users prefer apps over websites that create a dynamic user experience. This is why web design companies have started creating websites that create app-like experiences. Web design and development teams are capitalizing on the latest trend of progressive web apps to deliver an amazing experience. Many established brands are already using the concept of PWAs such as Starbucks, Twitter, BMW, Flipboard, Uber, Spotify and much more.

Source: Flipboard

Your brand can also use this emerging trend to stay on top of its customer’s minds. It actually helps you create maximum user engagement and attain maximum user retention.

3.       Micro Animations

Micro animations are small animations that many web designers and developers use to guide users to take the desired action. Many web design teams use micro animations to enhance the overall look and feel of the websites. Many designers use micro animations in the hero images, some implement in the lead form, landing pages and more.

The trend of micro animations is common among ecommerce websites and it is expected to grow in 2024. It is a highly engaging way to highlight the important areas of a page that require users’ attention.  You can also use micro interactions in your next web design project to give pages life, add a level of detail and can effectively convey the message.  

4.       Handmade Graphics

With the advent of design tools, it has become easier for designers to come up with visually impressive and stunning designs. In 2024, the design industry will expect more handmade artwork to create user interface designs. You will see more doodles, cutouts, scribbles, crayons and paint that can add a human touch to your website

You should definitely try handmade designs to take your website to a whole new level and add a more sophisticated touch to your website.

5.       3D Design and Multimedia


Thanks to advanced web technology, now web designers can integrate 3D elements to their websites to make it highly interactive. The development of 3D websites will continue to grow in 2024 as more and more companies want to add a “wow factor’ while crafting a great web experience.


The use of interactive 3D design can make websites more engaging and entertaining. Brands that need to deliver the best possible user experience and while adding a sense of originality and high-resolution detail are advised to use 3D design. It is a simple yet effective way to catch the attention of your audience.

6.       Interactive Design

The trend of creating interactive designs is all the rage. Websites that integrate animations in hero sections and page transitions create more meaningful engagement compared to those that don’t use this trend. Brands are using the concept of interactivity to create engaging websites. From page clicking, swiping and dragging to scrolling, the entire design features are customized as per the users’ needs.

Furthermore, interactive designs can create memorable experiences while allowing users to learn more about your website. Customers spend more time on websites that use interactive design features, so keep user interactivity in mind when creating your next web design project. It will help you keep users on your website for longer and increase brand awareness.

7.  Text-based Hero Section

The trend of using hero images isn’t new, but this year many web designers and marketers are thinking of using typographic hero images. It means less imagery, photography and illustrations and more content. The goal of the typographic hero section is to eliminate imagery and allow users to read the message. Typographic hero sections are simple and catch the audience’s attention by focusing on content and style.

Many websites are using this web design trend to communicate a strong brand identity and create a first, positive impression. Using the typographic hero section entices visitors to scroll down and find out what else the website has in store for them.

8. VR Experiences

In 2024, more and more businesses will focus on building websites that create VR experiences. Many established brands such as Airbnb and IKEA are using virtual reality to create mesmerizing experiences. Now visitors can make well-informed purchase decisions as VR acts as a powerful tool for websites and conveys meaningful content in an engaging way.

Web developers are creating websites that give potential customers a great opportunity to perform virtual tours or other simulated experiences to experience a product or service.

9. Storytelling Websites

It’s no secret that consumers spend more time on websites that are engaging and create interactive experiences. You can harness the power of storytelling to convey the ultimate goal of your website. It makes it easier for your potential customers to understand what you are trying to convey, save their time and build a positive brand image. 

With the help of animations, scrolling effect, video or images, you can evoke emotions of your potential customers and create a wonderful experience.

10. Scroll Animations

There is no denying that page scrolling is the most common type of engagement that can create an amazing user experience. In fact, scrolling is a great opportunity that allows web designers to take visitors on a creative user journey. You can add life to your web design by adding CSS scroll animations.

Adding scroll animations to your website can attract users’ attention as our eyes are attracted to movement compared to static text. Some websites use scroll animation effects to draw the attention of customers to a CTA. The scrolling effects can also be used to guide users on what is happening while keeping the webpage engaging. The scrolling effect will eventually lead to more conversions.

Many web design companies are experimenting with these design trends and trying to build websites that enhance the user experience and positively impact your brand and conversions. It is advised to be aware of the latest web design trends and make some positive changes to your website to make it more functional and engaging.

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