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How Can You Get Verified on Instagram & Increase Sales For Your Business?


Do you remember that victorious pat on your back from your teachers on getting good grades in the math test? Or from your mom on finally cleaning your room. Or some validation from your boss in an annual meeting in front of everyone.

We, humans, have this tendency to seek validation and approval even for small things. For social media marketers, the same goes for social media platform verification. Most social media platforms have introduced brand verification or celebrity verifications that set these accounts on a higher bar than the general population – this includes Instagram as well.

Most budding entrepreneurs are figuring out ways on how to advertise on Instagram? But, unfortunately getting verified is not an easy task. However fret not, for we are here to guide you on how to get verified on Instagram and increase sales for your business!

How to Get Verified on Instagram?

Instagram is interested in having big brands, celebrities, and influencers using their website, and handing out verification badges is one way of doing it. However, to get verified on Instagram you need to get a few things out of the way before you can apply for the verification badge.

Gain a Heavy Repertoire of Followers

This is, of course, the basic requirement for getting verified. Usually, accounts touting a few thousand people have gained verifications as well,  but having a large following vamp up your chances of being verified. Having a significant following is a testament to the fact that you have gleaned a strong presence on Instagram.

Take great photos and use a powerful theme for your feed. Instagram is all about aesthetics. The influencers gain followers by sharing photos that are pleasing and lively.

Take advantage of your insights.  One of the best features of Instagram that most people are still oblivious to are profiles insights. If your account is your business profile, you can use the insights to post pictures that resonate with your potential users.

Keep up a stream of quality content. Simply posting pictures that mean nothing to you or your brand, will not do any good. You need to search for hashtags that are trending and post images which pertain to that content.

Spend some time with your followers to gain engagement. Make a habit of personally replying to each comment, even when they are just general thank you notes. Simply gaining followers is not the point. The point is to foster lasting and meaningful relationships. This can help Instagram verification Dubai to verify your profile without a hitch.

Create a Strong Social Media Presence on Instagram

Despite only accounting for a mere 4,000 followers, Jane Lee got verified because of a strong presence on her YouTube channel. So, we can see that being verified on other social media platforms can also help you garner the much-coveted Instagram verification Dubai as well.

Although there is no guarantee that getting verified on Facebook will get you automatically verified on Instagram, it sure can perk up the outlook.

Google yourself. What comes up?

Real people on Instagram review pages each day for manual verification. The process isn’t public, but they do keep a lookout for people who are getting popular on other social media platforms.

If there are many posts about your brand on the national press, your brand will be in the limelight in no-time. An important thing to mention here is not to violate any of the community guidelines that are provided by Instagram, under any circumstances.

To boost your chances at Instagram verification Dubai, the best approach you need to follow is to build a strong presence over digital media. Consider guest posting on higher authority websites and share your real-life experiences.

Complete your Profile

For you to get verified, it is necessary to use your real identity or an actual name of your company. Complete all the indispensable information that is present in your profile, including the link of the company/personal website.

Link your Instagram account to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This helps the people at Instagram to trust your profile and treat it as authentic.

How to Ask for Verification from Instagram?

There is no specific email or phone number by which you can contact Instagram for verification. But you can get in touch with the support staff and place a request. Additionally, try to curry favours with a credible agency that represents myriad celebrities. Many of them will be able to fast-forward your request for verification.

If you have spent a lot of money on Facebook ads, you might get a chance to speak with a couple of team members and they can drill you in ways to gain more attention.

Ultimately, getting verified is all about selling yourself and your brand. You just need to get a hold of the right person to fast-forward your request and convince them that you are worthy of the blue verification badge.

Is Getting Verified on Instagram worth the Effort?

You shouldn’t even be asking the question. The reason you are reading this blog, and the reason we have written this blog, means that a verified Instagram badge is worth the effort. Plus, when you get verified, people will be more prone to consider your brand as authentic and trust you without having any second thoughts when purchasing from you.

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