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Search Engine Marketing vs Traditional Marketing – A Comparison

Why search engine marketing is preferred over traditional marketing techniques? What makes search engine marketing more effective over the traditional methods? How different search engine marketing is from what we are doing for ages? Before we begin I’d like to share that more than 93% of global consumers use search engines to find products and services. It is very important for every brand/business or a company owner to understand the difference between search engine marketing and traditional advertising.

Traditional Marketing refers to printing ads, trade shows and even classifieds, whereas, search engine marketing encompasses of PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are numerous differences between these two eras of marking products and these are;

  •         SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is precise and accurate while traditional advertising is vague.
  •         SEM is efficient as compare to traditional marketing techniques where you post a ad and wait for your prey.
  •         In traditional marketing the major brands or the big fish dominate the field with their financial assets, whereas SEM in contrary is much level playing field.
  •         Traditional marketing is much expensive as compared to SEM, on an average, 61% more expensive.  

The Fall Of Traditional Practices

The fall of traditional Marketing is due to the change in consumer behavior. Although Traditional marketing is practiced, and is producing results but comparing these two strategies on the whole, we can say that SEM is clearly dominating.

Another reason that resulted in the decline of this orthodox strategy is, ads are annoying, (they are now actually, on any entertainment source) more than 86% of people skipped TV ads in between their favorite entertainment shows.  

On the contrary, SEM is defined as a process by which an eearch engine professional promotes website on search engines. This is mainly to boost traffic, resulting in increasing sales. SEM is mainly of two types, either rank your site higher on a search engine, or produce a powerful PPC campaign.

Difference Between The New and The Old

The major differences between these two non-orthodox strategies are mentioned below;

  •         Website promoted via PPC campaign appears on top right hand side of the searched result, whereas, using an SEO will help your site rank top in search results.
  •         A PPC campaign produces immediate results as compared to SEO.

Why SEO?

Ranking High on search engines is not an optional choice for a brand or service, it is now a necessity.

  •         More than 65% of the online revenue is generated by the sites in top three positions of the search engine.
  •         A study shows that top 10 sites positioning on popular search engines like Google, yahoo, bing receives 78% more traffic than the rest positioning at 11-30.
  •         89% of the marketers are maintaining and increasing their inbound marketing budget that is closely associated with SEO.
  •         61% of the internet users search products online.
  •         An averaging 33% people have access to internet.  

Considering these stats I would advise you to rethink if you’ve decided not to have an SEO professional.                 

It is time to decide what you want your potential customer to view at, your website or your competitors? Obviously “YOURS”. This is why Dubai Monsters SEO specialists are always eager to guide your way through.

Whether you are laying a new business or is a part of a popular business empire, Dubai Monsters is a one stop solution for all your concerns.

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