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September 4, 2018

Awe-Inspiring Careers in the Middle East: The Best companies to work for in Dubai

Awe-Inspiring Careers - best companies to work for in Dubai

By the year 2026, UAE infrastructure & economy will hit the $90bln benchmark. A lion’s share of the credit goes to oil exports, real estate, and tourism, but recently, the services sector has witnessed staggering growth. According to a report by Forbes, in the Middle East alone, 80% of the top 50 companies belong to the service sector.

Despite a proliferation of companies spanning myriad categories in UAE, here are the 7 best companies to work for in Dubai:

1) THE ONE – Company Culture

A UAE-based company, THE One, is deemed the ‘Best Workplace in the UAE’ and its CEO named ‘Leader of the Year for 2017-2018’

‘THE One’ is arguably unparalleled when it comes to the visible commitment and engagement portrayed by its CEO. Having authentic and consistent support and involvement of the CEO when it comes to engaging employees is critical. The company works on a unique and compelling social mission that its employees can get emotionally attached to; that of helping to motivate and inspire them.

THE One - best companies to work for in Dubai

2) Branex – Excellent Employee Benefits

If you’re looking for a workplace that offers on-site childcare and a safe work environment in Dubai, Branex is the place to be. Branex is a website design & development agency offering top-notch SEO services in Dubai along with mobile app development services. Branex empowers its female employees with a paid maternity leave of 60-90 days with work from home facility for newly minted mums. The working hours are flexible along with 401K matching. The managers are super-friendly which gives extra motivation to the employees. You are given the opportunity to share ideas and implement them without being doubted.

Branex UAE - best companies to work for in Dubai

3) Splash Corporation – The Great HR Program

If you’re willing to grow fast, you can join Slash and attain a sustainable work-life balance. The company promises a productive environment which improves the overall performance of employees.

Splash Corporation - best companies to work for in Dubai

What sets Splash apart fundamentally is a strategically built HR program that creates an emotional connect with the employees. When personal needs and individual career paths of people are heeded and addressed, nothing can stall the success of a company.

4) Hyatt Hotels – If you want to feel proud, join-in

In essence, the hotel industry strives to make people happy, so they can be at their best. The aim of the establishment is to nurture long-term relationships with all their employees which compels employees, in turn, to provide the best customer experience all the time.  A wonderful place to get yourself mentored in everything related to food and management. Cook, serve, have a lot of fun and network with people who are passionate about cooking and serving people.

Hyatt Hotels - best companies to work for in Dubai

5) DHL – A good company to start your career with

DHL Operations in UAE was based out of the Dubai office and grew from 85 employees to over 130 during this time frame. This office also won the first Dubai Quality Award for Services during this time. If you’re just starting out and want to lay down a strong foundation for your career, DHL is one of the best companies to work for in Dubai. Safety is strictly implemented, and group workmanship is very enjoyable; it’s a fun workplace all in all.

DHL UAE - best companies to work for in Dubai

6) Cisco – Top Tier Technology firm

Cisco has been ranked among the top 10 best places to work in the UAE, by Great Place to Work – a global research, training, and consultancy firm that identifies best workplaces in over 50 countries worldwide.

cisco - best companies to work for in Dubai

Cisco UAE was recognized for its commitment to creating a workplace that fosters trust, pride, and fairness amongst employees. When we talk about the best companies to work for in Dubai, Cisco is one of the most viable top-tier technology firms.

7) UAE Exchange – Great upper management

You can find good employees in almost any organization but to find great top management is a blessing. This is where UAE Exchange steps-in. The company boasts a fast-paced environment that will inevitably help you expand your circle of knowledge. The good working atmosphere encourages diversity and promotes flexibility in terms of providing opportunities to learn via lateral movements, ensuring that employees can grow within the organization.

uae - best companies to work for in Dubai

To wrap it all up

People whose lives are replete with meaning and purpose are happier, feel more in control and get more out of what they do. They also experience less stress, anxiety, and depression. Happiness in the workplace extends to the home and the society as a whole, so it really is a foundational piece in ensuring the happiness of a nation. Even if you choose from the best companies to work for in Dubai, what you need is peace of mind and if there is no peace, what is the point of working in such an organization?

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