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World Art Dubai 2018; home to Amazing Artworks from Various Cultures

world art dubai 2018 - Branex

And it is happening again…

The fourth edition of World Art Dubai fair is returning this year on 18th of April 2018, with global and regional artists who are all set to display their state-of-the-art quality pieces. The best thing about this fair is that you can find your favorite pieces of art at affordable prices, running the gamut from US $100 – $20,000. This four-day art fair is a perfect fusion of art, entertainment, and education.

World Art Dubai 2018 welcomes art lovers, corporate buyers, interior designers, architects, dealers, and private collectors to behold mesmerizing, original, inspiring and striking artworks. The program has promised to feature contemporary, accessible, and affordable masterpieces from emerging and established galleries and artists. The world-class exhibition will also include cultural activities, educational sessions, and world-class entertainment. Visitors can delve into VR art, doodle marathon, lightening art talks, live paintings, live music, and a lot more.

World Art Dubai is a great platform that brings together local and international designers and artists to showcase abstract drawings, paintings, sculptural works and outstanding masterpieces to Middle East art lovers. World Art Dubai is a true reflection of Dubai’s rising prominence as a top-notch cultural and artistic hub. From emerging artists to professional names, World Art Dubai will offer contemporary and traditional pieces for every budget.

World Art Dubai 2018 will accommodate the most up-to-the-minute art forms, including wearable art, origami and a section dedicated to photography. This year, more than 140 exhibitors from five countries are touting to participate, and more than 300 artists will showcase an outstanding and affordable collection of more than 4,000 paintings, prints, sculptures, and photographs.

It is an amazing platform that brings together worldwide galleries and international artists to Dubai‘s international community of ardent art creators and die-hard aficionados.

Here are some highlights of World Art Dubai 2017.

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