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It Takes Only 16 Minutes to Manage your Social Media for Business

Spending a mere half hour on managing your social media doesn’t exactly sound like a grueling job. An average user spends two hours on social media, but, when you have to contend with juggling myriad marketing activities simultaneously, this half an hour can feel like you have bitten off more than you can chew.

The solution?

Segmenting your time into planned intervals can help you manage social media for business in just under 16 minutes a day. The plan which we are about to reveal helped us manage our social media in half of our usual time and created a more significant impact.

Here is a quick 16-minutes break-up that can help you manage your social media for business in the most efficient manner possibly.

Start with 6 Minutes of Listening

You can start tongues wagging but you have no control over what they say. But, one thing that you can do is to eavesdrop and glean a sense of what people are saying about your brand and engage them in meaningful conversations.

The great thing about social listening is that it helps you catch conversations that are taking place around your brand. This allows you to participate in discussions and improve the overall customer service. Take feedback from customers, and learn more about your competitors along the way.

You can start with Google Alerts. Simply enter your brand name and Google will track your brand mentions throughout the day and email you the stats at the end of each day.

This process does not take up more than 2 minutes of your time.

Next, you need to track the keywords, hashtags, and messages that you have received on your social media channels.You can use SocialMention to track down the social media mentions of your brand across the internet.

It won’t take you over 2 minutes to go over your social mentions and to respond to the necessary ones. What you need to do is to thank every customer that has praised you, and listen to every tiny complaint raised by your customers, and respond promptly in a helpful manner before anger flare up and the word spreads like wildfire.

With two minutes to spare, you can jump on the opportunity to schedule your daily posts. Postfity is an excellent service that can help you schedule your social media posts in no time.

5 minutes to Engage in a Meaningful Conversation

A study by MarketinChartshas concluded that 9 out of every 10 customers assert that they prefer to have meaningful conversations with a brand before they purchase anything from it. Most Consumers are of the opinion that brands these days are not making enough of an effort, leaving a lot of room for improvement.

By now, you must be in the loop of what people think about your brand and if it addresses their pain-points. You can now subtly detach yourself from the chatter and get down to crafting replies, responding to tagged content, or even following upon people who had shown an interest in your brand.

Alexandra Zamfir in her book,“The Essential Twitter Guide for Marketers” mentions that “Customers expects to get a reply within 30 minutes of interacting with a brand.” And if the brand complies within the time frame, there is a 42% chance of making a purchase with the brand.

Are you sure you don’t want to beat your competitor with our ablaze social media marketing?

3 Minutes for Analysis

To know which piece of content succeeded the most in grabbing the attention of your users, you need to know which social media platforms performed better than others.

For this, you can leverage online tools, such as Google Analytics, Ahrefs, and BuzzSumo to analyze the traffic on your website, and the amount of traffic your keywords get on specific topics.

Based-upon these stats, it will be easier for you to launch campaigns, identify the most cutting-edge trends, and track down the growth of your followers.You should check in once a day to track activity and generate reports over a timeline that makes sense for you.

2 Minutes to Schedule Posts

As your business grows, it will continue to get harder to revisit your social media channels, multiple times a day. This is when scheduling saves the day.While posting on various platforms, you need to modify the content as per the requirements for each platform. Moreover, you need to figure out the best time to post on each platform and schedule your posts accordingly.Here are some tips that can help you post the right content for each platform:

While posting on Facebook, you can capitalize on long stories and visual rich messaging to entice your audience. The best approach is to limit your posts to around one or two per day.

On Twitter, you need to ensure that your scheduled tweets don’t exude an impression of spamming. Instead of simple text, intersperse your tweets with images and videos, and try to change the snippet of every tweet. Don’t forget to use appropriate hashtags.

While posting content on LinkedIn, you need to keep a serious tone. You are catering to a professional audience, so there is not much chance that the audience will appreciate a humorous or casual tone.

With Instagram scheduling, you can easily schedule a product release or a photo to raise awareness. Instagram opens doors of opportunity for brands so that they can share behind-the-scene activities with their customers. This creates a personal bond between brands and their customers.

To Conclude it all

It takes a lot of brainpower to generate traffic from social media. But, now, you know that it only takes 16 minutes of die-hard focus to kick-start your social media campaigns & outwit your competitors.

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