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3 eCommerce Customer Pain Points that will drive your customers crazy (How to avoid them?)


I used to experience these excruciating headaches.

Pain that was unbearable at times.

After many months of self-medication and experiencing countless tirades from my better-half, I was forced to consult the doctor.

Upon a detailed examination, the doctor found the source of the headaches and suggested a remedy that offered much-needed alleviation.

Likewise, there are various paint points of customers which are similar to physical ailments, and each one demands a customized solution.

I might not be a doctor and cannot advise you any medicine. But, what I can do is enlighten you with some fantastic eCommerce customer pain points that can help you engage the customer and delight them to the point they would want to fill your coffers.

Before we get to the good stuff, let us first define what exactly is a customer pain point.

Upon Googling, I came across this simplest explanation.

“A pain point is a problem, real or perceived. Entrepreneurs create opportunities for themselves by creating solutions to those pain points. Solutions create value for everyone.”

When you are in pain, the doctor’s job is to cure you by giving medicine. You, as an Entrepreneur, need focus on treating the pain of the customer.

Let’s look at the categories of pain points that your customer will face and how you can cure their pain?


1) Financial Troubles

In the United States, healthcare is referred to as a for-profit practice. There is a relation between finance and your duty as a doctor. However, in most countries, your finance has nothing to do with well-being. So, take this crazy thought out of your mind that to start generating sales, you must lower your price.

It might be one of the strategies that you can use for a season. However, finance does have effects on consumers.

Often, there are some problems that consumers face while dealing with money.

  • Unnecessary high-cost of everyday items.
  • Low life-expectancy of high-priced products.
  • Subscription plans and membership fees.

If you sell high-ticket products, you already resolved the financial pain point of the user by delivering long-lasting products. However, if you sell inexpensive products, you can win the heart of customers by offering competitive prices. Quality of your product and your niche can make much difference in the marketing message you convey to your customer.


2) How Kirby Solved Financial Woes?

If you own a carpet, you can relate to this example. The thing with carpet is that you need to use a constant vacuum cleaner to keep the carpet clean. I met a guy when I was 19 years old. A Kirby salesman. He showed me a $2,500 vacuum cleaner. I was fascinated. Why do people pay $2,500 for a vacuum when they can get one in just $30 from WalMart? I didn’t know much about carpet cleaning but what I concluded that $2,500 was too much for me.

However, 15 years later, guess who owns a Kirby vacuum cleaner? Yeah. That’s me. I realized that those broken $30 vacuums are not worth it. They are just piling in my store and not benefiting my financial needs.

The moral of the story is that it’s not impossible to sell a high-priced product to a customer like me. Doctors advise people to quit smoking so that it can prevent them from lung cancer later. When promoting a high-end product, educate customers with the long-lasting benefits.

See how Mercedes-Benz took the pain and converted it into a pleasure with its product.

Key takeaway: If you’re willing to charge high for your product, ensure that you tell the customers why your product is different from others. The strategy is to charge a high-price and display the long-term benefits that a customer will get with your product.


3) Comfort & Productivity Issues

Imagine getting a cold. You know that it will eventually wear off. However, in that cold, you go to the office. In the meeting, a runny nose, constant sneezing might force you to go back home. Sure, you can take it, but you’ll feel uncomfortable.

You will search on the internet for home remedies. For others, they will hit a drug store to pick a drug. Rest will rush to a doctor. The problem that people face while shopping online is convenience.

Convenience hinders in the productivity of the customer and slows them down to perform day to day activities.


This How You Can Overcome Comfort & Productivity Issues

I have four people in my family. With many people, a small kitchen is not an ideal choice. There is enough space to get a dishwasher without remodelling the whole kitchen. Upon doing some research on Google, I came across TheKitchn brand. They seem to figure out my problem. They some great tips to cater to the extra space in the kitchen. I bought an over-the-sink dish drainer that solved my problem.

Just like me, your customers might be facing some problems in their lives. Figure out steps which can make their problem go away. Your job as an ecommerce website development Dubai store owner is to understand their problem and provide a viable solution that can give them comfort and convenience.

Key takeaway: Use images, product videos, and customer feedback to inform customers how your product solved their problem? Real-life situations can help the potential customer decide whether to buy the product or not.


Troubles Customers Face While Making the Purchase

When it comes to buying a product online, there are few pain points that every customer come across. These pain points occur when a customer tries to buy a product from your store. The shopping journey pain points are something that can frustrate your customer.

Here are some buyers’ journey pain points that you can consider if you are serious about selling products on your store.

  • Website navigation: If the shopping cart page is not basic, it will force the customer to leave the page and move to your competitor. Use simple navigation that can help the customer move seamlessly on your website. Anything complex can drive away from the customer.
  • Product availability: When the product inventory is low, this is the time when you must act. Keep regular checks on the stock left in the inventory and integrate that to your website. When the product starts running out, order more quantity.
  • Check-out page issues: Checkout process is something that irritates the customers a lot. If you want to boost your sales, focus on simplifying the checkout page. Work on ways to optimize your conversion by making simple checkout pages.
  • Delivery tracking: Your customers must be informed about the status of the order. As soon as the customer pay, they expect the status of their order from the company. Rather than sending a tracking system, use smart software that will track the package in real-time.

In the end, it is all about making customers happy. If you can find the pain point of your customer, it will be easy to comfort them and satisfy them with high-quality product/service. Business is all about driving sales by solving the problems of ordinary people.

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