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6 Tips that Leads to Captivating Flyer Designs

Flyer designs is the first point of contact of your customers with you when you have newly launched a business and requires the much needed customer attention. This article will provide some pro-tips on flyer designing that will serve as an ultimate multi-tasking kit for your business for attracting customers purpose.

The primary purpose

The primary function of a flyer design is to attract attention as soon as the customer comes in contact with it. By educating the customer about an unmissable offer or through details of any upcoming event, a flyer goes a long way in generating both rapport and sales for your business.

Please continue reading the pro-tips below that will help you make the most of your print collateral design:

Prioritize functions

Whether you are advertising for a sale or for an event, you must remember that despite you wanting your flyer design to look as fancy as an abstract art, it is not advisable because your message might get lost in the clutter. The information on your flyer design should be clear and to-the-point so that it builds the right interest in your customer in just the right time without overdoing things.


Make use of grids

With flyer designs, one of the most important issues that designers face is the lack of space. While most flyers are restricted to a standard size of A5 or A6 page, you are required to think more proactively and intelligently lay out the design of your flyer.

In order to make maximum use of the page’s space, make use of grids. While same size grids similar to those in newspaper might look stagnant and rigid on a flyer design, irregular grids definitely serve the purpose. Here is an intelligently laid out example for you:


Choose design style wisely

You need to play wisely with your flyer designs. for example, if you are targeting a set of customers who belong to the corporate class of the society, it wouldn’t be wise to send across a message full of rainbows and fancy colors. You are required to stay subtle and calm here. Designing while keeping your target market in mind attracts them without much effort. Here is an example of a corporate flyer design where visuals are at a bare minimum.


Bring in the tech-appeal

Even though you may well be designing for your print collateral requirements, however a need to distribute the newly created flyer design digitally, might arise. Since, more and more companies are moving their marketing efforts from traditional to digital in the current business scenario, therefore keeping the need in mind is inevitable. A flyer design that can be well distributed on digital media is the need of the times of today.


Take a look at some of the apps you most frequently use—what elements do they feature that would lend well to print design? Whether that’s a strong, simple color palette, chunky buttons or clean sans serif type, they’ll bring desirable and very modern app-inspired charm to your business flyer.

Tweak the mood with colors

One of the well-established facts with branding designs is that colors play an imperative role in setting up the mood of the design. Colors arguably and more so typography and images are the key players in setting the overall personality of your flyer. Color play a significant part in enticing your target audience and get your flyer picked up instantly by your customer’s eye. Citrus tones like yellows and oranges are used mostly in informal flyer designs whereas blues and greys are great to create a more intellectual feel. The overall responsibility also resides on the shoulders for your flyer design agency. A professional flyer design service will design a flyer for you according to your requirements while also educating you on any possible tweak that they would make to it.


Design to treasure

Flyers designs are cheap to produce and normally businesses prefer to get them made on low quality paper that doesn’t last long. I disagree!

Flyer design is one of your marketing that should be created to be treasured. So, no matter if your business grows from one point to the other, you will have the track of your marketing efforts and you will feel proud by the advancement that your business has made. Along with the fact that a memorable flyer design goes a long way and manage to stay in the cache memory of your consumers’ minds for a longer time.

Don’t forget that a beautifully-designed flyer is much more likely to be kept by a potential customer, and may even be pinned up on display at home or at the office if it’s particularly attractive.



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