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Thinking of Moving to Dubai – 8 Survival Tips for Expats

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So, finally, you have decided to take a leap of faith and relocate to Dubai. Chances are that you are moving because you aspire to advance your career, enjoy a better lifestyle, or run your own business in Dubai. Expatriates often move to UAE harboring majestic aspirations of a fresh start, driven by the promise of the chance to meet new people, revel in a sunny, dry climate, a hefty salary, and live a more opulent, exotic life.

Regardless of the reason, moving to a foreign country can be overwhelming for many expats. Dubai’s reputation as a hub of glitz and glamor is all too famous, but as any big city, it has seen its fair share of complex procedures and bureaucratic red tape that can make accomplishing a simple task entail multiple trips and days. Almost always, what starts off as excitement and enthusiasm, quickly transforms into bewilderment and frustration.

However, Dubai is far more liberal than any other country and is considered a dream destination for expatriates and holidaymakers. UAE is ranked among the 10 best locations for expats worldwide. Decent lifestyle, low VAT, high quality of life, and ease of setting up business are a few important aspects that make Dubai a lucrative city for expats.

If you are planning to move to Dubai, here are some survival tips for expats to ease the transition and better prepare for a life in Dubai.

  1. Follow the Country Rules

For all the expats who wish to live a prosperous and happy life in Dubai and be safe from any trouble, it is advised to strictly follow the country’s rules. Breaking the simplest law has severe repercussions, even leading to deportation. So, expats should stay on the right track by avoiding indulging in any illegal activity as strictly following all the laws will greatly help you settle into the UAE life.

  1. Get Ready for the Heat

You have probably heard about the scorching heat striking down on the city for a better part of the year. As a matter of fact, surviving the heat in Dubai is one of the most challenging aspects of expat life in Dubai. But don’t worry, most places from schools to offices, shopping malls to bus stops, are equipped with air conditioning.

  1. Driving in Dubai

Learning to drive in Dubai is important so that you can travel where you want and make your life a whole lot more convenient. If you already have an international driving license, you can directly convert your license to a UAE driver’s license without taking a driving test, once you get your residence visa.

  1. The Standard of Living is very High

As an expat, it is important to keep in mind that the cost of living in Dubai is rather exorbitant. From rent to groceries to bills, be ready to turn out your pockets. If you are planning to move to Dubai for a better salary than the one in your homeland, expats in Dubai should clearly understand that the amount is just enough to make ends meet when it comes to taking care of essential bills and fulfill basic life necessities.

  1. Housing Options for Expatriates in Dubai

expatriates dubai

Dubai is among the most opulent cities of the world, as the standard of living in Dubai is very high. Relocating to Dubai and setting up shop can be a daunting task for many expats, especially if you are moving with your family. You can find plenty of housing options catering to your needs, but keep in mind that the property expenses in the city center and expat areas are very high. It is prudent to arrange your living situation before you move to Dubai. It is a plus point if your employer is providing accommodation, but if you are planning to run your own business in Dubai, you should search for accommodation in advance. You will find many websites that provide valuable tips on finding different areas in Dubai to live in.

  1. Dubai Traffic is so Bad

Whether you have your own car or using public transport, you will soon notice that Dubai rush-hour traffic is horrendous. Being stuck in traffic is extremely frustrating, so expats are advised to avoid rush hour, as a 30-minute commute can take an hour or more during that time.

  1. Official Weekend is Friday and Saturday

Although weekends in many countries across the globe fall on Saturday and Sunday, in UAE, it is not the case. The official weekend is made up of Friday and Saturday, which is probably shocking for most expats, but soon you will get used to TGIT: “Thank God, It’s Thursday”.

  1. Life is Full of Excitement

Dubai is one of the cities that has a lot of surprises in store for expats. Be prepared to battle a new adventure every day. There are a number of water parks, aquariums, shisha bars, luxury spas, beaches, restaurants, shopping malls, and leisure places that Dubai has to offer. You will definitely enjoy the best times of your life.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying the fact that Dubai is one of the best hubs for expats. Whether you are thinking to start your own business in Dubai or find a better career option, the above-mentioned points will better prepare you for a life in Dubai as an expat.

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