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Mark Your Calendars: December 7th is the day booking a Taxi in Dubai is going to change forever

booking a Taxi in Dubai

When Careem launched in Dubai, the average wait time was around 10-12 minutes. In 2000, when Hala, an e-hailing service, was launched and the wait time was decreased to about 3 minutes. Still, 3 minutes was a lot for people who wanted to avail Careem without waiting too much.

If you live in Dubai or willing to travel for a vacation on December 7, there is good news for you. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), in an agreement with Careem, announced the launch of their taxi e-hailing service in Dubai.

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According to the agreement, Halaalong with RTA will provide customers the ability to get a taxi that is closest to them. With an improved customer service experience, people will now be able to find details about the driver even before they sit in the cab. And the best part is that the average rating of each taxi will from 4.8 to 5 stars.

booking a Taxi in Dubai

Customers will be able to find the closest taxi to them on demand, see a fare estimator and time of arrival and connect their credit card for easy, hassle-free payment. It also means less downtime for the Captains (drivers) who can optimize their time on the road through customer proximity matching and real-time alerts of geographical areas experiencing high demand.

Do you want an e-hailing app that can make you millions?

The aim of RTA is to improve and simplify the mobility of people in the region. With this wonderful partnership, people will be able to avail of the benefits of an e-hailing taxi service just by using the Careem app.

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