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December 4, 2019

6 Breathtaking Website Design Trends to Beat your Competitors in 2020

2020 is just around the corner. I am sure you’ve all made new year resolutions at the beginning of this year and have almost achieved them and are ready to move to next year’s resolutions.



That’s how ordinary people work. But who said you are standard at all? You are put into this world to make the world a better place. Whether it is working 9-5 jobs or starting your own business.

One thing that you must understand before stepping in 2020 is which of the trends are worth following. No. I’m not talking about fashion trends; they’re not my domain. I’m talking about website design trends that will give your business an edge over your competitors.

Now is the time when you must prepare to pounce on the 2020 website design trends that will differentiate your business from others and on the same token, help you foster a strong image and thereby generate more sales for your business.

1)   Augmented Reality

Even though augmented reality has been there for quite some time, there’s still of potential in it.

Can 2020 be the year for any breakthrough? How will AR affect the eCommerce industry?

AR is a mix of virtual reality and reality.

Pokémon Go received a ton of attention and presented many opportunities for businesses and brands to combine reality with virtual reality.

There are myriad ways you can apply AR on your website.

Specsavers is an excellent example of such an approach. A UK-based optician that uses your facial scan data to place glasses on your face and show you how they’ll look on you. You can try various frames before you buy the actual glasses.

website design trends 2020


The eCommerce stores are using AR to help customers choose virtually anything from makeup to jewelry to selecting furniture from their homes.

IKEA Place is a fantastic app that let users place the furniture in their home and see how it will look from different angles.

If you have a startup and you want to add some spark to your brand, use AR in your website design and make the customers experience awesomeness right from their home.

2)   Microinteractions

Have you ever purchased a product from Amazon Prime? If not, here is how it is different from other eCommerce stores. You chose the product, and the product adds in front of you in the cart.

website design trends 2020

For some, there is nothing special about this, but for most people, this micro-interaction means a lot while they buy products from Amazon. It gives a WOW factor experience to the customer.

In website design trends 2020, micro-interactions are something that will be a great deal for website owners.

Over the next year, you’ll notice a lot of these types of interactions that are purely developed to delight the customer.

If you have noticed, the recent addition to Facebook is more emoticons. When you hover over the like button, you can select more options from the list.

Microinteractions helps the user create a feeling for every action they perform. When the user interacts in a small tangible way, it is your chance as a brand to develop an affinity for the brand.

So, when you go out there, ask yourself, “What feeling you want to create for the user?”

We’ve looked at the Facebook’s Like functionality, now look at an impressive login screen from everyone’s favorite: MailChimp

As soon as you start filling the login details, you can see the chimp responding in a particular fashion. It looks kind of cute.

On the surface level, these nominal micro-interactions mean nothing, but when done in the right manner, they can leave a powerful impact on the visitor.

3)   Minimalism

The trend is often combined with white space. However, minimalism is a much broader concept. It involves simplifying the interface in various ways:

  • Minimizing the colors
  • Hiding the navigation bar
  • Minimum use of buttons.
  • Eliminating the extra shadows, graphics in images.

Check out this fantastic example:

Notice the blend of colors, the fonts, and the background.

The inner page useless shadows, multiple fonts, and just additional geometry.

But take notes on how everything is used in the best way possible. The colors, the navigation, and even the buttons are placed in such a way that they consume less space.

An excellent example of minimalism is the Apple website. The elements are placed in a way in which they attract the attention of the customer without losing any important detail.

4)   Parallax Web Design

Yes. You might be thinking that it is an old trend. But the good thing is that it still grabs the attention of users. The parallax scrolling originated from video games.

There is rocket science behind the parallax technique. There is just one background that moves at different speeds when the user scrolls through the page. This gives a pseudo-3D effect.

The Cyclemon website is a wonderful example of how the parallax technique can be used in 2020 to create some great, attention-grabbing websites.

5)   3D Rendering

Mostly, new trends might not feel fresh at all. Some of the trends are in the mainstream with low barriers of entry, which makes them unique and original. One such website trend of 2020 is 3D rendering.

Sports might brand Adidas has grabbed the 3D modeling trend and applied it to Futurecraft – a fully recyclable running shoe that was announced in 2019.

trends of a website design 2020

If you check the website, you’ll see that you can play around with the shoe on the screen. The user can navigate the shoe by scrolling and interacting with the model of the shoe.

Of course, there might be some exceptions as it will affect the loading speed, mostly on a mobile device; but it is quite exciting to see how the technology will unfold in 2020.

6)   Split Content

Split content is a web design technique that displays a critical message at one time. When the user focuses their attention on another section, the emphasis is diverted in that direction.

62management is an excellent example of split content. See how the image overlaps the other image when you hover over one section of the image.

 To wrap it all up

So now, you know which of the trends you must keep your eye on, and regardless of you like them or not, you need to adapt them to scale your brand to the next level.

You might not be able to follow all the trends right now, but make sure that you follow and apply most of these website design trends 2020.

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