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The Contingency Contracting Summit 2018, Dubai

Contingency Contracting Summit


27-28 June 2018


Marriot, Al-Jadaf, Dubai


USD 975, as an Early Bird Discount till May 31



Why Participate?

For all the companies vying for the US government contracts in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, the Contingency Summit fits the bill. Competing and winning these contracts isn’t a piece of cake but this summit provides an opportunity of a lifetime. Companies looking to win a lucrative government contract face myriad hurdles and pitfalls along the way, and when it comes to the US government contracting, things tend to go further south.

The Contingency Contracting Summit, Dubai, offers attendees a chance to glean an in-depth knowledge and practical details of how they can establish their firms in a bid to make them totally compliant with the US government regulations and requirements. The attendees get an opportunity to gain insights and establish contacts that will help them in learning what it takes to accomplish corporate and government objectives in an efficient and profitable manner.

Further Opportunities

There are further opportunities for companies to become a sponsor for the event and for individuals to join the venture as speakers. Distinguished speakers already onboard include Vinson Elkins LLP, Varsha Manpower, Sam McCahon Law Group, Central Command (CENTCOM) / Office of Under Secretary of Defense (OUSD) Human Resource Activity (DHRA), US Forces – Afghanistan, among others.

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Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui
Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui
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