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5 Ways to Create a Results-Oriented Content Localization Strategy

Today, every business no matter small, midsize or large, is striving hard to stay ahead of the game, acquire new customers and promote their brand. If you are trying to reach out to the right audience and earn qualified leads, creating a content localization strategy can help you generate maximum conversions. Content localization not only helps your business connect with the local audience on a personal level, but it also renders your brand unique and accessible. Whether you are running an e-commerce store, digital marketing agency, web design company, a fashion website or real estate portal, you should consider creating locally-relevant content to boost conversions and profitability.

A study suggests that businesses that invest in the localization of content attract a more engaged audience and earn 2x more revenue on average. Another research shows that more than 75% of consumers prefer to do business or buy products from websites done up in their native language.

If you want to double your profit, reach your target audience, and build business credibility on a local level, now is the time to create a stellar localized content strategy. But keep in mind that localization of content is not limited to translating website content, it involves localization of language, behavior, and cultures.

Here are some benefits of creating a content localization strategy for your business.

Create Strong Connections with Your Audience

One of the biggest benefits of creating locally-relevant content is to gain the attention of your local audience and help your brand resonate with them. When you create content by keeping cultural, lingual, and regional differences and native vernacular in mind, it will help you win the interest and loyalty of your customers. In addition, it will also help you communicate with your customers effectively.

Create Brand Credibility

Another benefit of having a localized content strategy in place is to build brand credibility within your target market. When you speak to your audience in their native language, it will create a positive impact on your prospective customers that your brand is serious about catering to the unique desires and needs of a specific group and culture. Content localization not only helps brands build credibility, but it also provides website visitors with the memorable user experience. When your visitors can access your website in their native language, it will eventually make your brand a trustworthy source.

Increase Conversions and Sales

Today’s consumers are not prone to falling prey to salesy pitches; they consider a lot of factors prior to making a purchase. From cultural to political, environmental to socio-economic factors, many aspects influence their purchase decision. Content localization helps you convey the message you are trying to convey to your audience, persuading them to convert and turn into customers. This will eventually help you drive more conversions and sales.

Improve Your SERPs Rankings

In order to reach local clientele and get more and new customers, marketers are advised to create a strategy to appear on the top rankings of Google search results. When you take the interests, preferences and pain points of your target customers into account and use less competitive keywords while creating local content, it will help you capture the attention of ideal customers and drive more traffic to your small business website. Improving your SEO efforts and incorporating local keywords in your content strategy is indeed a surefire way to rank your local business website high in Google search engine.

Crucial Steps to Creating a Stellar Content Localization Strategy

1. Create Locally Relevant Content

Being an online marketer, you should understand the real importance of creating locally relevant content for your target market. Prior to creating local content for your website, it is important to do your dur diligence on your target audience and understand their interests in terms of localization. You need to carefully consider the culture, demographics, language and social influences while creating content for a specific audience. Using location signals is also a great idea that helps search engines identify the geographic location you are targeting. Incorporating local keywords is an effective strategy to can greatly bolster the visibility of your local content in search engines.

2. Optimize Landing Pages

In order to boost conversions, it is advised to create localized landing pages and optimize them accordingly. For instance, while optimizing a pricing page, it is important to carefully consider the economic position of your target market. This will help you come up with a better pricing plan. Giving out special holiday discounts and exclusive deals for different festivals is another great strategy to catch the interests of your local audience. In addition, you can give your website visitors an opportunity to choose their location and set language settings.

3. Humanize Your Brand

If you want to increase your business credibility and become a trustworthy brand in your city, state or region, it is critically important to interact with your local audience. You should add a human factor to your content localization strategy which will help you build a strong local reputation. You can create campaigns to engage with your audience on an emotional level. You can use the power of visuals to give your local consumers a sense of comfort with your brand. Trust me, localizing images is a powerful tactic to make your brand more trustworthy, relatable and familiar to your local audience. Using localized images will also help you grab people’s attention.

4. Actively Participate in Local Communities

In order to create a strong connection with your local audience, you can join local communities and provide solutions to their problems in their native language. In addition, you can sponsor a local event to create brand recognition, join a local business association, or simply share interesting, engaging posts on social media to build a strong local community.

5. Make Your Business Accessible

If you offer services and products in different states and regions and want to create a solid online presence, it is important to make your business easily accessible. If you want to increase the searchability of your local website, it is important to embed Google Maps in your contact pages to help users find the areas in which you are operating. Placing a prominent call to action button and adding a contact form to get more information can also help. Furthermore, adding Call Now option in Google My Business is also helpful when localizing your content. In a nutshell, providing your business location, detailed contact information and a phone number can help users find you.

Final Thoughts

If done right, creating a content localization strategy can help your audience identify your business which will eventually help you capture the attention of the local market and drive more leads and conversions.


Saher Naseem
Saher Naseem
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