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Here’s Why Website Design is Important for Your Real Estate Business and How Can You Make It Effective

In this digital era, an engaging and intuitive website design is the utmost requirement for any business looking to stay ahead of the curve. If you are a real estate agent and still working on referrals, cold calls and run-of-the-mill methods, now is the time to create a website design for your real estate business.

Technology has forever changed the way people buy homes. According to a study conducted by the National Association of Realtors, approximately 42% of home buyers conducted an online search when they were looking for available properties for sale, while only 17% contacted a realtor. Therefore, having a strong online presence is viable for your real estate agency to reach prospective buyers and boost your impact in a highly cut-throat industry.

Building trust among your potential clients is crucial for real estate businesses, otherwise, you’ll find it difficult to convert those interested users and bring them to your funnel. A functional and artfully crafted real estate website design can create a sense of trust that satisfies users and encourages them to consider your brand for fulfilling their real estate needs.

If your real estate business lacks an online presence, you are missing out on huge opportunities for your business. In fact, in this digital age, there is no excuse not to have an online presence for your real estate business. Here are a few reasons why every real estate business should develop a website.

A website serves as an online medium that can effectively advertise your services, mission, vision and brand story that is essential to educating your potential customers. A well-designed real estate website helps you display your list of properties and services and allows you to reach targeted customers. They can search for local listings that your website offers and easily find their dream home without breaking a sweat.

  • Make Your Business Accessible 24/7

By not having a website, your real estate business is invisible to a large number of prospective buyers. Creating a website for your real estate business means being accessible to potential buyers and sellers round-the-clock and makes your real estate services readily available to buyers who are looking for online properties.

  • Build Trust Among Potential Clients

By featuring success stories, client testimonials and any awards you have won, you can entice prospective clients towards your business and make them trust your brand.

  • Grow Your Business

A well-designed website not only builds brand credibility, it also serves as a lead-generating tool that hooks in high-qualified leads. When customers find effective solutions to their problems and find what they are looking for, it will help you attract more leads, generate more profits and take your real estate business to new heights of success.

Design Elements that can Make Your Real Estate Website Design More Effective

Visually Impressive Design that Builds Trust

If your website is not aesthetically pleasing, chances are you are not going to create a positive first impression and capture leads. The website design you create can make or break your presence. In order to attract home buyers and encourage them to make a decision, it is important to use great images of the properties you are listing. Keep in mind that quality images can evoke buyers’ emotions and create a more authentic, trustworthy and personalized feel.

Sally Forster Jones’s luxury real estate website captures the finest elements of Southern California living, inviting old and new clients to immerse themselves in a life of unparalleled sophistication. A gallery replete with breathtaking backdrops of Beverly Hills and exquisite home interiors greets every visitor on the home page, riveting users to the page, making it hard to look away. Featured listings are displayed in a breathtaking fashion, with vibrant, high-res photos offering impressive glimpses into each home and their details.

Create a User-Friendly Mobile Experience

Mobile responsiveness is indispensable for your real estate website, as it increases your chances of getting more potential leads. According to a study, nearly 72% of home buyers used mobile devices while looking for real estate properties. A mobile-friendly or responsive webs design that is compatible with all the mobile devices can help you reach a wider mobile audience and generate more leads. A poor user experience on mobile with usability issues can make customers steer clear of your website for their needs. Make sure your website is mobile optimized and is capable of creating maximum engagement.

Create an Engaging Landing Page

Creating landing pages is the key to guiding users on what you want them to do on each page of your site while providing them with relevant information. Whether you want them to enter their email address and sign up for your exclusive newsletters, or fill out a form, make sure your landing page is designed with the targeted users in mind. An eye grabbing and prominently displayed CTA button with simple and easy-to-use interface design will make users sign up and click the subscribe button. While designing a landing page for your real estate website, make sure you use neat and clean visuals, effective headlines, a clear CTA, and engaging content.

For instance, consider the landing page of Zocchi real estate, which targets consumers for new homes. By getting users to fill out their phone number, email address, and name as the only point of exit, if they want to get off the landing page. Devoid of navigation, links, and ads, there is low chance of people abandoning this page.  The page uses a captivating CTA button, instead of a simple contact us or submit button. The red colored CTA pops against the backdrop, making it hard to miss.

Featured Listings

Make it easier for home buyers to search for the desired property by posting the best properties deals for rent and sale as well as the recommendations on the dedicated landing pages. Featured listing is a great idea for your real estate website to provide users with the relevant information about the property.

Search Option

To make your website more effective and successful, make sure to use search functions that are easy to navigate and meet the needs of your target audience. When buying a property, factors such as budget, geographic area and facilities matter most to real estate customers. Using a customized search option that is easy to use and provide prospective buyers with the relevant information they are looking for can boost your chances of gaining high qualified leads and potential clients.

Implement Augmented Reality

Implementing augmented reality in your real estate website can take your business to a whole new level. Real estate companies are making the most of AR technology by offering virtual tours that enable users to visualize the home and get the full room-by-room experience without actually having to physically visit the place. With augmented reality tools and AR apps, clients can view the AR models of any property of their interest from the comfort of their home or office. Give your users an option to visualize properties wherever they need and view the augmented reality 3D models to turn them into real customers.

Easy Navigation

Simple, quick and easy navigation is the key to keep visitors engaged. Make sure that you streamline the navigational structure of your real estate website design and make it easy to use even for first-time visitors. Make the most important sections of your website and landing pages clearly visible in the top navigation bar and limit the navigation items to seven at most. It is advised to avoid using drop-down menus and use descriptive labels to better guide your users.

In Closing

By implementing these useful strategies, you can come up with a functional and engaging real estate website design that offers a great UX, captures the interest of potential leads and converts those leads into loyal customers. You can contact a website design agency to get your real estate website professionally designed and give your business an extra edge.


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