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September 13, 2016
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All That You Need To Know About Duotone – Latest In Web Design Trends

When a halftone reproduction takes place for an image, middle tones and highlights are made prominent to pull off the perfect Duotone look. This look is possibly one of the most creative happening in the world of web design as we see various websites using it for either their campaigns or an overall look of their websites.

Since they are trending to be the ‘next big thing’ in web design and development, it is important that you understand the kind of work that is instrumental in representing the middle tones and highlights better.

Although, brown, red, blue and yellow colors are mostly chosen to be a part of the duotone look but savvy designers are experimenting some crazy hues to execute an even better look. It is because the art of executing the perfect Duotone is rare and so there is no such thing as common or dominant, yet.

This also makes for a chance to give your website a perfect duotone look in whatever creative way you deem fit as there is no right or wrong to it. There are vibrant shades of purples, varying to greens that are already available. You may also go for a creative mix and match of other tones that are not even conformable to the slightest.

Take a look at these really cool websites that adopted duotone images just right.

New Deal Design












Take a look at the website for this San Francisco based design studio.New Deal Design has combined an unbelievable combination of striking colors. Turquoise and fuchsia have never looked that great and special. The website is carrying an enigmatic and unique look about it that instantly grabs the attention of users. To top it all, the website is also contributing to a friendly air, sending off positive vibes. Although these two colors are used often when creating color combinations for fun and vibrant websites that are youth-oriented, but for a duotone look, they are complimenting each other better than ever.

The Art of Travel



If the blues can ever be held just right, it’s The Art of Travel who has put the shade to correct use. The design is modest, contemporary and the neutral coloring with a dark appeal expedites the serious personality of this website. Regardless of the gloomy overall look, the website is still a charismatic example of duotone that has this artistic instinct about it. It’s nothing special but everything about it is inviting – makes you want to explore more. The website is a perfect example of how dull colors can make up for a charming look that is a real head-turner.

Finesse Design Atelier


Website for Finesse Design Atelier is an award-winning website and you can see that as you log on to the page of this creative agency. There is no doubt about the wow-factor this website holds. With the use of deep red tones and gorgeous images to back it up, their take on the duotone effect turned up to be a fascinating result. As you scroll down, you can further see an interesting collection of duotone images that really spices up the overall impact and expertise of the agency.

Fjord Trends


There are various background images on the homepage of Fjord Trends that are carefully created with duotone technique. As you can see, the combinations used are modest, soft and serene in every way – just about perfect for a businesslike touch within the website. There are also lessons for using sharp contrasts just right that make vital details prominent and enhance the true philosophy of the images in use.

Use these real-life examples to create amazing duotone illustrations and images that are both inspiring and appealing to the eye of the visitors. Here are a few tools that can be helpful in giving you that duotone effect that you desire:

  • Duotone Colorschemes – Toning down the parts that are less important, use this to achieve a calmer color scheme as it helps in highlighting the important aspects only.
  • jQuery Duotone – A plugin that easily transforms a simple image to that awesome duotone look that you require.
  • Colofilter – Play around with various blends to get your perfect duotone look and feel.

If all of this sounds overwhelming to you then you may opt to hire a web design agency to do the job for your business website to create an everlasting impact and an unforgettable duotone look.

Duotones give off a really cool image if you know how to implement them correctly. Each color has a particular personality and an aura about it that you need to play around with in order to put it up in a way that is inspiring, charismatic and represents the brand’s personality as well.

Creating that perfect look may not be easy but with the above mentioned examples, you already have some of the best inspirations to begin with.

So what are you waiting for? Take one step further, experiment, utilize this bold element in your websites and make them trendier than ever with Duotone technique!









Mariya Sabeen Irshad
Mariya Sabeen Irshad
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