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Google Plans to Focus on Web App After Killing its AdSense Apps for iOS & Android

Goodbyes are heartbreaking. Whether it is people or a product that you’ve worked so hard for so many years. It is soul-shattering to pull the plug. However, at times, it is the right thing to do.

Google abandoned more than 251 products that were not performing well. Can you imagine Google saying goodbye to AdSense iOS app and Android app?

Google AdSense is the largest ad platform that powers every website to showcase their ads. Both Android and iOS apps have given users ease to check earnings and other data on the go. However, now, Google is a little bit shaky about continuing the mobile app.

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Google plans to focus on its progressive web app, which is why killing AdSense app for Android and iOS is a reasonable decision at the moment.

According to Google:

“We will be focusing our investment on the AdSense mobile web interface and sunsetting the current iOS and Android apps. By investing in a common web application that supports all platforms, we will be able to deliver AdSense features optimized for mobile much faster than we can today.”

Furthermore, the Google AdSense team hints for a more interactive – and possibly proactive – experience for the service going forward::

“Our vision is an AdSense that does more to keep your account healthy, letting you focus on creating great content, and comes to you when issues or opportunities need your attention.”

Google has a history of killing useful services without giving any replacement for it.

With the apps said to be removed from the Play Store by the end of the year, the apps will likely stop working around that time anyway.

A little disappointing move from Google, and one that many bloggers, website owners, and freelancers will be pretty sad about when it happens. However, since big daddy has already made the decision, we have to make peace with the consequences.

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