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How to Create an Onboarding Experience with the Users

User onboarding is the user signup journey on a website. Since its part of the very first experience a user has with an app or a website, it needs to be really good for first impression is everything.

Good onboarding experiences are hard to get as holistically looking at the whole picture is a lengthy process that involves many steps, small and huge, and getting all of them right is challenging. A wise approach is to understanding what the user really needs and you can create the very experience for them. Empathizing makes a lot many things easier, especially when it’s for an ecommerce website.

But how would you be able to pull it off for a successful ecommerce web design Dubai based website successfully? Just answer these questions and you’re good to go:

What is the purpose of user visiting your app/website?

Within this question, there is further classification of questions that you need to ask: What does the user really require? What information are they seeking in order to successfully use your product? Is there a need for account creation? Many other questions follow ahead but you need to understand that the onboarding experience you create is user-friendly and is also intuitive. The ease of use should be such that the visitor could just begin using it right away.

Is user email really required?

Sometimes the games that users play and apps for ecommerce stores needs to be synchronized with the website and hence require email verifications. A block access follows at a point if a user is unable to do this as an account will be created through it which the user can access via email only. However, there is no need for retrieving an information like email every time – just when its needed the most. If it’s crucial to continue the overall experience, then go ahead and collect it from the user. If not, don’t even think about wasting their precious time.

Does the user need to create a profile?

Ecommerce stores will, almost always, ask you to create profile. They do so in order to keep a record of your purchase history and then recommend you items in the future based on that only. The key here is to ensure that if you really want the user to create a profile, don’t ask for information that is irrelevant. For example, if you are never going to place a call to your customer, what good is a phone number to you? Bear in mind to inquire only what matters.

Will a walkthrough do the job?

If your product is complicated, then a walkthrough can help the user get familiar with the product as he/she goes ahead step by step. FAQs can also help in the same matter. You can make it even better by adding in introductory videos, image sliders or anything to ensure that the user get the hang of it.

In the end, for all that you do, the overall onboarding experience needs to be fitting, that is it needs to match with the branding, theme of the website and everything else. It’s all about balancing the ease of usability and user experience by inserting and inquiring just the information that is necessary. Do that and you will have your user get started with your product effectively within no time!

Mariya Sabeen Irshad
Mariya Sabeen Irshad
Mariya Sabeen Irshad is a Creative Writer and Blogger. She is a staunch believer of ‘logic’ who loves her family, likes to write about anything and everything, and console games are her idea of an engagingly fun activity at any time of the day, with football leading the way. Follow her @MariyaSIrshad

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