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Instant Measures You Need to Take Today to Become a Better Designer

Being a web designer, there’s always need for continuous improvement – a process that is never-ending. While the learning and skills are enhanced as you are onto client projects but there is a dire need to take some time out to focus on other things in order to stay up-to-date in the ever-changing industry.

It is quite understandable that we all have busy schedules to deal with but you can better yourself each day by carrying out small steps towards betterment of your profession. These will initially start off as very little initiatives towards improvement and once you experience the change, you will begin to make it a routine. Here’s what you need to do in the small time you start setting aside today:

Provide Critique for Your Recent Work

First things first, start off by finding the petty errors in your previous work or just look at them to see if there is room for improvement. If you come back to an older project after a while, you will look at it with a different perspective. It is because being a few months away from the project will allow you to critically and objectively view it in a better light than you did at an earlier time. There must be things you could have done differently and then apply the findings to the projects to come.

Ask for Feedback and Re-Design

Providing critique to yourself is important, sure, but a different pair of eyes can do even a better job at providing constructive criticism. So seek feedback from users, other designers in senior or junior positions, clients. While criticism cannot always be fun, but remember, you are receiving so in order to better yourself as a designer. Once acknowledged, re-design, just for the fun of it and see if you have improved.

Take a Look at the Work of Talented Designers

The oldest trick in the book is to study the masterpieces of experienced industry leaders, in your case, top-notch experienced designers. Closely examine their work and see what Mind-Controlling Web Designing Tricks they have applied that make their designs stand out. It could be the layout, perfect placement of Calls to Action, negative space, clever use of colors, or perhaps the typography – it could be from anything to everything. Identify those and apply the very in your designs to better your work in the future.

Follow Tutorials or Learn New Tricks

Best web design Dubai based companies have one thing in common: they try and learn something new every day and apply them in new projects to bring out the best in their designs. This is why they stand proud as the industry leaders. You have the source of knowledge in front of you – the Internet. Make use of it to find online tutorials to expand your existing skillset and who knows you might end up learning an interesting trick or two.

Sign Up for a Course

Local universities and community colleges offer various online courses that are designed specifically to teach new skills or enhance the ones you already have. Remember, learning is an on-going process and so it never stops, so choose timings that suits your needs and you will realize at the end of the course that its totally worth it.

Inspire Yourself by Visiting Museums and Photography

If you have art museums in your current city, why not visit one and check out the work of highly-talented artists? They would provide you inspiration outside the world of Internet which will open up a lot of creativity in your work. Also, photography is a favorite hobby of many designers as composition and colors are important for good photography and similar are the lessons that are applied every day in designing. Taking part in such activities will continuously inspire you even when you aren’t at your desk, working on a project.

Simply doing the mundane tasks sometimes bore us out and we require a petty change to lighten things up. Take into account the instant measures and apply them into your everyday work in order to become a better designer.

Just before you go, a little motivation to keep you going:

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

― Jim Rohn

Don’t forget to self-educate and inspire yourself ever day!

Mariya Sabeen Irshad
Mariya Sabeen Irshad
Mariya Sabeen Irshad is a Creative Writer and Blogger. She is a staunch believer of ‘logic’ who loves her family, likes to write about anything and everything, and console games are her idea of an engagingly fun activity at any time of the day, with football leading the way. Follow her @MariyaSIrshad

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