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Let Your Brand Thrive with these Incredible Logo Design Trends in 2019


Just the other day, one of our esteemed clients Matthew James, who owns an amazing car wash business walked into our office and started bickering with our company’s CEO about his logo design. After all, a logo defines your brand and becomes an emblem that talks about your business to customers.

The conversation between the two started off as a heated debate which didn’t take long to descend into a very relaxed conversation. Finally, we realized that our beloved CEO has finally managed to explain to our client that his idea of a logo has gone obsolete a long time back.

On asking where he got his inspiration from, James revealed that he was reading a blog on some of the cool logo design trends being discussed in the market. Technically, it wasn’t his fault as he took his inspiration from an article which got published back in the year 2016. His source was outdated.

As a robust design firm, we often come across such individuals who are eager to get a logo designed which is either obsolete or irrelevant to their brand. Since such occurrences are now becoming quite a norm, we desperately felt the need to write this incredible article on some logo designs which are going to become a trend in the coming year to give you a heads up. Here are some Logo Design Trends to consider in 2019 for your upcoming design venture.

Some of the Best Logo Design Trends in 2019 Enabling Businesses to Gain Success

Geometric Simplicity

Geometric simplicity is one of the most trending ways to captivate your customers. There are several emerging apps communicating the value of geometric shape and design. Despite the fact that this technique is incredibly simple, it has gained considerable traction by audience around the world. It promises limitless possibilities and introduces a next level diversity to customers. If you are an organization with a maxed-out target audience, introducing geometric simplicity in your business doesn’t sound like a bad option.

A leading example of geometric simplicity in logo design is none other than Zendesk.

Humorous & Funny Logos

Every trend can fadeout but those which incorporate the element of fun and humor as a part of their design strategy tend to live longer. Twisting the visual elements or playing around with the context significantly adds a bit of an intriguing factor, piquing the curiosity of audiences to wonder what the brand has to offer. You can hide a meaningful message behind your logo in an artistic way, and in fact, create a remarkable image of your product so it communicates your business value to a global audience.

 Here’s an example of how Valigator twists an alligator into an ‘@’ symbol giving a funny meaning to its brand.

Deep Metaphors

The year 2019 marks the time when visual designers would push metaphors to unprecedented limits. Although, metaphors are certainly not a new concept to the world of designers, but as the curiosity of the audience is increasingly expanding, it has become a renowned logo design trend in 2019. The design community has welcomed the in-depth value of metaphor utilization in their logo designs as a focal point which communicates deep creativity. It is a by-product of innovative exploration. The year 2019 is perceived to be the year of thoughtfulness and cleverness. Deep Metaphors can add more value and depth ina logo than visuals can accomplish on their own.

The logo illustration above represents a tree branch network communicating the value of Kumu.

Introducing Classicism

The transformation of complex classics into incredible designs is one of the design trends taking its toll in 2019. Engravings and drawings are the two basic classicism styles which can be combined into a modern logo design. Classicism is a lucrative option for businesses that are artistic in nature. Besides, your audience will have a different perception of your business and are more prone to looking at your business in a completely unique way. When discussed with other entrepreneurs, it was identified that such classicism can incredibly result in becoming the leading cause of brand awareness for some organizations.

Here’s an example of what classicism looks like when submerged with different logo designs.

Energetic & Funky Styled

Having a bit of a funk in your design can hurt your brand values but having it all over your brand will really get your business talking. They say if you are planning to go bold, don’t hold back; just step right in and declare your message out loud into the world. Tipsy Tankard is a renowned pub which markets its brand value using a funky giraffe wearing a bow tie and enjoying his margarita in peace. Isn’t that just too cool to be an offer? I find it pretty amusing.

The Overlapping Effect

They say overlapping shapes will turn big in the days to come. 2019 will see the overlapping effect in logos become a popular working strategy. Using vibrant colors in logo designs will turn each logo into an original and eye-catching solution. The overlapping effect is an interesting trick that can promote your brand as a powerful rebranding solution. It adds a meaningful element to your overall brand and website. Here, take a look:

Concluding Thoughts

The world around us is changing dramatically, and each day brings a new fold that’s transforming how we perceive things. We used to rely greatly on static components and 2D designs as an integral part of our website aesthetics once; however, today, we are much more predisposed towards the thought of introducing 3D models and immersive elements so our business can talk to the clients.

Above discussed are just a handful of sweet logo design trends that can sell your business in the year 2019. Branex is a design and development company that offers excellent value to its logo design customers! Do you have something big in mind for your next entrepreneurial flair? Well, wait not, send us a form and we will help you realize your aspirations.

Ashad Ubaid
Ashad Ubaid
Ashad Ubaid Ur Rehman is a Digital Content Producer at Branex. He has worked on several platforms. He has ample amount of experience in writing content on SaaS products, social media marketing, content marketing, technology & gadgets, online/offline gaming, affiliate marketing reviews, search engine optimization, productivity & leadership. He is a skilled and talented individual with all the perks of being a hallmark writer.

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    This is an interesting piece of content which creates significant awareness on how brands are empowering the use of logo design within the industry. logo design trends for 2019 are on the rise and we have come across a number of content getting published on various platforms this year. These trends in logo design 2019 will keep on evolving and we will see some more new things in colours, design and fonts which will make it to the top this year.

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