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4 Mind Captivating Web Design Ideas for Tourism Business in Dubai

Web Design Ideas for Tourism Business in Dubai

We are living in a day and age where the Internet is ever-evolving. And as the communication between the people grows, so does the fact how people interact with businesses. If there’s one thing that is making a significant contribution to the growth of brands and businesses in the present age, then it is none other but website design. It has laid its siege in almost every other industry. From the tourism industry to hospitality, we have seen some great website marvels appear in the digital industry.

And today, we are going to talk about some of the best web design ideas for tourism business in Dubai.

As more technologies are emerging, driving higher demand and giving a path to immersive experiences, here are 4 web design ideas for tourism that I believe are going to work wonderfully.

So without further ado, let’s check these web design ideas and see which of them suits you.

These websites aren’t limited to just the UAE market, but they go beyond that and contain some new design elements. Regardless of whether you belong to the tourism industry or not, you will still find plenty of inspirational web design ideas for tourism business in Dubai.

Travel Oregon

Looking for remarkable web design ideas for tourism business in Dubai, then look no further than the Travel Oregon official website. Here’s a website design that contains every necessary detail to set an exemplary impact from the design perspective. What makes Travel Oregon stand a class apart from the rest is when you arrive at the website page, it provides a clear insight on what the website is all about. A site that gives you the perfect essence of what service or product they are selling creates the perfect sense of brand. With the combination of raw and authentic imagery, the Travel Oregon leaves quite the impact on the mind of the visitors. As far as the font on the website is concerned, the impact is quite decent. Whereas, the structure of the website also contains everything in perfect clarity.

If you are looking for a great website design idea for tourism, then Travel Oregon is quite an eye candy.

Visit Iceland

Minimalistic website design with box-shaped elements navigating you through different areas of the website, what more could you ask from a tourism based website. Are you in search of a website design idea for tourism that does justice to your tourism business in Dubai? Then Visit Iceland creates just the impact. It uses a bespoke font style for all its website content. The tile look just makes the entire website quite an interactive place for audiences to visit and make the most of it. If you hover on one of these tiles, you will observe the image automatically enlarging, giving you a more decent effect. Unlike many other web designs, the Visit Iceland stands a class apart with its right side menu option. So if you’ve just started out with a travel agency or a tourism business in Dubai and you’re searching for some great web design ideas for tourism in Dubai, then here’s one that can offer you a lot.

Bundaberg Region 

The Bundaberg region website is not directly a part of the tourism website business but is a state effort to make Bundaberg destination a local tourism spot. However, there’s no particular reason why we shouldn’t consider the Bundaberg region website as an example to get the best web design idea for the tourism business. If you ever get the chance to visit the Bundaberg website, then you may easily find that they have used a powerful brand messaging to engage the audiences. Some of the design elements that make the website a class apart from the rest of the web designs in the market are,

  • Easy-to-use navigation
  • Full-width page templates
  • Remarkable web design imagery
  • Unique brand font styles of every size
  • Engaging web design colour schemes
  • Flat web design (free of bevels, shadows & gradients)

Such elements exude the perfect essence of building brand trust and advocate it perfectly.

Travel Belize

If you want to go all dramatic with your travel website, then Travel Belize is a great place to take inspiration. Right from the moment, when you visit their website, you will find that the homepage is rather engaging & culturally rich with interesting features. It is quite immersive & provides a remarkable experience right from the start. Right from the moment you visit the website, you will be greeted with an introductory video in the header section giving you a detailed insight on what they have to offer. As you scroll down, you will find other categories such as snorkelling, fishing, birding, etc. All of these categories are scroll activated graphics which you can experience when you scroll down on the website. So if you are searching for an action-packed experience, Travel Belize offers it to you.

As a tourism business operating in Dubai, you need a web design idea for tourism that can win your customers! In my opinion, Travel Belize has every particular feature to offer you just that and more.

Concluding Thoughts

Web design plays a pivotal role in making your business an online success. Great web design brings beautiful aesthetics to the table. It helps in creating a powerful brand image and communicates business with customers. Branex is a web design company in Dubai which helps businesses create a thriving online experience. The tourism business is always on the hype and it’s where Branex can deliver you a state-of-the-art web design product. Are you seeking a user-friendly, interactive web design?

Call our experts to get the details.

Ashad Ubaid
Ashad Ubaid
Ashad Ubaid Ur Rehman is a Digital Content Producer at Branex. He has worked on several platforms. He has ample amount of experience in writing content on SaaS products, social media marketing, content marketing, technology & gadgets, online/offline gaming, affiliate marketing reviews, search engine optimization, productivity & leadership. He is a skilled and talented individual with all the perks of being a hallmark writer.

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