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4 Remarkable Hotels in Dubai that will Make Your Summer Happier

4 Remarkable Hotels in Dubai that will Make Your Summer Happier

While Dubai may sound like a not-so-good place to visit during summer, you will be surprised for what it has in store for you. Even when the heat is quite sizzling, Dubai offers several opportunities for entertainment while you are there. Full of summer surprises, Dubai is far too developed to have mere heat become an obstacle for the promising fun.

From Malls to underwater zoo, beautiful beaches and even ski Dubai, there are so many reasons why Dubai happens to be the number one destination during summers. To add to that, there are summer shopping festivals, concerts and other family fests that take place around this time of the year that you just can’t miss.

Come to think of it, exploring Dubai would be a whole lot fun if you had a nice hotel to go back to. Here’s a list of the top-notch, super classy and absolutely comfortable hotels in Dubai that will provide you a luxurious stay while you are there.

1. Burj Khalifa Hotel




Burj Khalifa Hotel is the top most-visited destination in all of Dubai, and perhaps in the United Arab Emirates as well. Get a chance to stay at the Armani Signature Suites. As the name suggests, it has been created out of the Armani design philosophy which is why it’s quite a stylish sight. You can even have the view of the Arabian Gulf from the windows, as well as the entire city. If not that then you can simply take a visit to the rooftop of the hotel which is breathtaking indeed.

2. Atlantis, The Palm

atlantis the palm


As it says, step into another world when you are at  Atlantis, The Palm, and it is no joke. From amazing pools to the club facilities while you are enjoying your stay there, Atlantis hotel has so much to offer. The food is scrumptious, starting from so many breakfast cuisines that are absolutely mouth-watering. With their very own adventure park and a spectacular aquarium for you to visit, this hotel is certainly full of surprises.

3. Auris Hotel Apartments Deira

Auris Hotel Apartments Deira


Auris Hotel provides an amazing combination of comfort, luxury for just the right value of money. It stands tall in various locations throughout the city without any compromise on the quality of their services. With utmost hospitality, the hotel is the perfect place to stay in Dubai if you require some of the most hospitable staff to greet you and serve you throughout your stay.

4. Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Jumeirah Beach Hotel


Providing the ultimate family lifestyle experience, Jumeirah Beach Hotel has the pride to fall amongst the most recognizable structures in the city. It also has the privilege of being the number one hotel destination for tourists around the world. And why wouldn’t it be? From spectacular views to superb comfort, luxuriously furnished suites to kids club, the hotel is perfect for the entire family to enjoy.

All the websites for the hotels have online booking options. So before you pack your bags, don’t forget to book online or via mobile app, if available. Dubai summer surprises are awaiting your arrival.


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