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How to Infuse Different Elements to Influence Consumer Behavior on Your Website

For a website designer, designing a website is no easy feat; they have to keep a lot of considerations in mind, and one among them is none other than consumer behavior.

But how can one incorporate consumer behavior as a part of their website design?

There are different elements of your website design that influences consumer behavior. For instance, placing the right call to action button, employing diverse color elements, making your website easy to access and ensuring an aesthetic layout.

To put it in a nutshell, you as a designer can become an empath and put yourself into the shoes of your customers to truly design a website that touches all the right cords of your audiences. If you are able to rub the right way with their mental mindset, it becomes easier for you to design a website that readily converts visitors into potential customers.

After all, isn’t that the end goal of your digital presence?

Play Around with Website Themes & Colors

Although color psychology is nothing new for designers, it plays a significant role in convincing customers to make a purchase. Blue is a color that sets the world apart for most users surfing the Internet. Some social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr have a blue theme for exactly this reason.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor colorful website

Whether you are running a deal website or a shopping store, and regardless of whether you are marketing a product or a service, it is obvious that you will choose colors to define your business. But using color psychology is an art and if you master the art of creating a strong impression with it, you can stand ahead of your competition.

For instance, a nice color palate for a brick and mortar store could include colors such as Orange, Red, and Yellow to infuse a fiery feel.

You can do the same. Visit your competitors and study what color themes they have used for their website? Then play around some different combinations of your own to see what works.

Make Your Website Easy to Use

You don’t need to be a brainwiz to comprehend this simple fact. Create a website that is easy to use. In case your website is not easy to navigate, and people often find themselves getting lost in the labyrinth of pages, the chances of you ever landing a sale for your company seem pretty slim. Henceforth, you need to ensure that the sales funnel on your landing page design is simple in design. Even if a non-tech-savvy person visits your technical website, they should be able to purchase what they are looking for.

Image result for user friendly web design

A great tool that can help you incredibly untangle the kinks in your web design is none other than the image resizer. This tool works to resize your website images automatically so you can simplify the quality of experience on your website. In addition, a website which is easy to use can simply allow you to convert and get better numbers in conversions. It also helps in decreasing the churn ratio for your website.

Convince them with Powerful Copywriting

They say “Content is King”, and there isn’t a doubt about it. Content can be visually appealing, dramatically convincing and astoundingly awareness creating. But, one thing is for certain; when content is published using the correct placement strategy, it can readily convert visitors into potential customers.

Image result for website with attractive images

While some users are of the opinion that they are using gripping calls-to-action in order to convert visitors into potential leads, they often end up administering the wrong choice of words at the right places. For example, a CTA incredibly fails to go in coherence with the context of the landing page. In order to identify the right word that can have the greatest impact, a user just needs to see from the perspective of a customer and choose the right word to create a CTA that instantly reels them in.

Words such as “guaranteed”, “security” and “experts”, can create a sense of safety for a tentative customer. An excellent choice word is all that is needed to make a difference.

Add Attractive Transitional Effects

Most website designers often fail to address the power of transitional effects in their website. If your website design incorporates striking transitions and animations that can serve to capture the attention of your visiting audience, your digital presence can become a source of inspiration for people to try out your service/product.

Related image

Envisage yourself as an empathetic customer who’s using a website or an application that boasts cool transitional effects. How does it make you feel and what are your thoughts on it? Do you enjoy the experience? Do you feel comfortable using the website? Does it coax you to dig deeper into the platform?

Attractive transitional elements have a positive impact and play a key role in grabbing the user’s attention. If your website has attractive transitional effects, you are not lacking superiority in creating an everlasting customer cycle.

Add Attractive Images to Website

Images bring out the allure in your website. Boring images never work for any kind of business; therefore, it is vital that all your website images are gorgeous enough to grasp the attention of your visitors. Relevancy also holds a key importance when it comes to website imagery because of your images deviates from the message you are trying to deliver, there is a high chance of you incurring considerable losses if you make the grave mistake of leading the audience astray.

Related image

Make sure that the images on your website are vibrant and brimming over with colors if you are selling something of immense value.  There are other ways to grab your customer attention as well. For example, you can make your website lavish by adding a range of textures to it.  Even if it is a tedious product, your website can breathe life into it and change the perception of visitors about it. Someone who wasn’t interested in purchasing the product earlier will now be more inclined towards landing a sale and making the most of it, just because the images on your website changed their mind.

Wrapping it Up

Influencing consumer behavior in design and development plays a significant role in making the website a top-notch business solution. If you are not on the same page as your customers are, you might face certain adversity in grasping their attention span. With effective research and in-depth analysis, one can easily identify which elements are a lucrative option for your website. I have discussed a bunch of tweaks that can readily assist you in designing a website that is more consumer-centric.

Are you searching for a website that wins the mind of your visitors subconsciously, our experts are skilled in creating state-of-the-art web designs that can help you build the perfect website. You want a web product that is free of mistakes, don’t you?

Let’s get connected and discuss your consumer-centric lead generating website idea.

Ashad Ubaid
Ashad Ubaid
Ashad Ubaid Ur Rehman is a Digital Content Producer at Branex. He has worked on several platforms. He has ample amount of experience in writing content on SaaS products, social media marketing, content marketing, technology & gadgets, online/offline gaming, affiliate marketing reviews, search engine optimization, productivity & leadership. He is a skilled and talented individual with all the perks of being a hallmark writer.

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