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Increase your eCommerce Business Sales with Bing Ads this Cyber Monday

Can you elaborate how can we have long term business?

They’re blowing up our phones, asking where we are

Just say we’re almost there; we ain’t even in the car

You’re rolling one for two and I’m still. ~ Late to The Party by Kacey Musgraves

Are you late at Bing’s Shopping party? Fret not, our digital marketers will help you to get up to speed. You’ll learn how to increase your eCommerce sales with Bing Ads this Cyber Monday.

In this post, you’ll learn why it is necessary to invest your efforts in Bing Shopping to gear-up your eStore’s digital marketing. You’ll also learn some easy steps to boost your online presence with Bings Ads and promote your brand in the local community.

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Go Deep with Product Attributes

To organize products in an eCommerce store there are product attributes. In a similar manner, Bing Network uses product attributes to identify products. Some of the products include:

ID, title, link, price, description, image link, shipping and product identifier like the brand.

Similarly, when a user searches for a product they use operational attributes to search the product. Since Bing Ads gives value to attributes, it is a good practice to use as many attributes as you can. To get started, use these normal product attributes: Color, Gender, Size, Material, Product category, and condition.

Using all the product attributes might be time-consuming, but for Bing Ads, it is worth it. For instance, a female shopper searching for boots might find “women’s size 7 US boots” more relevant than simply “women boots.”

Optimize Product Images

Product images are no doubt the most important aspect of Bing Ads. The quality of images of your product can help you stand out from others which can improve your clicks and increase conversion.

Bing had added a feature for advertises which enable them to add than one product image in their offer feeds. Instead of choosing one image, you can add up to 11 images in total. Take advantage of this feature and use images from various angles to highlight the best of your product. You can also select which image will show in thumbnail of the ad.

Experiment with Bid Adjustments

To optimize on Bing is an art. Stroke by stroke, bid by bid you learn budget allocation and the impact on campaign performance. You can use bid adjustments to target specific audiences from specific demographics. There options for bid adjustments which include:

  • Time of day: You can adjust the timings of your bids and show them on specific hours of the day.
  • Day of week: If you want to skip certain days, you can easily do it with this option.
  • Type of Device: There is so much talk about responsiveness. You can take leverage of device type and show ads on certain devices.
  • Location: Certain businesses can be targeted for location-based businesses.
  • Demographics: Adjust bids as per the demographics of your audience.

You can experiment with different bidding strategies and see which one is relevant to your audience.

Generate Leads with Merchant Promotions

If you take some merchants they advertise their products on Bing Ads, they will not just be happy; it will give you some excellent exposure and create a sense of urgency. Special offers often run for a short period of time.

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Furthermore, merchant promotions will help you to stand out from the crowd. While you are promoting merchants, you are building credibility for your brand as more clicks will give an impression to Bing that your brand is attracting a lot of attention.

Use Automated Bidding Wisely

There are countless strategies that advertisers can use to optimize the experience for the target customers. Google solves this issue by offering automatic bidding options to advertisers.

Bing, on the other hand, doesn’t have any option to do that, but before you stop reading further, there are tools like QuanticMind which can help you manage your automatic bidding on Bing automatically.

Mostly, the advertisers don’t have much choice while dealing with standalone options that Google and Bing provide, but in this case, QuanticMind can help you input data quickly for both the platforms. The advanced algorithms help to optimize the performance of the campaign.

You can efficiently allocate budget, analyze each campaign with data insights by the tool. Easily calculate optimal CPC and make bid adjustments based on the insights in real-time can improve campaign efficiency and performance overall.

Optimizing bids based on forecasting insights

Most advertisers today rely on experimentation to test the effectiveness of their bidding strategies. They set a target, observe performance, then adjust to meet their business goals. With advanced automated bidding technology, it’s possible to forecast how a specific target will perform based on ad spend and revenue or conversion goals. Using data on historical performance, seasonality, and bid landscapes, QuanticMind can predict the performance of bid policies up to 100 days in the future. Getting a full picture of how potential bid policies affect performance before implementing any changes can save your budget and improve performance.

Wrapping Up

Ecommerce advertisers today have a big opportunity with Bing Shopping. If you create and optimize Bing Shopping campaigns, it’s possible to reach wealthy shoppers in a marketplace that is much less crowded. Optimizing on Bing can be a challenge, though, if you don’t approach it strategically. Take full advantage of the strategies and technologies mentioned in this post to get the most out of your Bing campaigns.

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